She’s Got A Ticket to Ride

Hello everyone!  Welcome back to the blog, or I guess I should say that I am glad to be back.  Tim and I took a lovely vacation down to Myrtle Beach last week, and when we returned, life got crazy for a few days.  This and the combination of not even remotely being home for about 10 days kept me from posting anything.  But I am so happy to be back on the blogosphere over sharing with you all.


On Monday, we decided to venture out a little and went to the new Shark Attack! mini gold course near the Boardwalk.  I heard about it through the grapevine, I was actually pretty excited about this new ocean front adventure golf.  After shelling out $9 a person and having a rather uneventful time (besides the pretty cool shark attack show in the enter of the course), I would have to say keep your money and go elsewhere.  If you want to watch the shark show, you can actually see it from the street.  There were no real obstacles, the holes seemed repetitive, and there wasn’t a huge WOW factor as far as the actual golf went.  I was very disappointed, but at least Tim and I got a few good photos on the green.  The one on the left I like to call “Play it as it lies.”

Today, I am finally taking a big step that will change my mode of transportation forever.  I am purchasing my first car in almost 10 years.  This will be my first vehicular purchase, and I am actually quite excited.

5694_558106468456_6042323_nThis is the best picture of my car that I have.  It was taken about 4 summers ago.  Back then, my car still had air conditioning, radio, and it didn’t smell like burning rubber every time I cranked it up.  I miss listening to music in my car that isn’t from my phone and I really miss having AC.

Mom and Dad have been pressuring me to get a new set of wheels for the past 2 years, maybe even as long as this picture has been around.  Now that I am actually starting to be successful at my job, I should really have something that mirrors that.  And the car I drove through high school, college, and the beginning of my adult life just isn’t cutting it anymore.  So this week, I am going to be chronicling my journey to my new dream car.

And while we are on it, have any suggestions for what I should check out car wise?


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