Motivational Monday: What the Heck Happened to My Blog?

You know what is s great about Summer?  Everything!  Being outside, being busy with home sales, visiting family, and (in my case lately) taking a few mini breaks.  This has probably been the most productive summer ever! At least in my mind it is.  On my blog, not so much.  I haven’t posted ANY house related things lately.  I have a few projects that need to be finished.


I am finally getting to a point where I am getting sick and tired of the floors, especially this sticky bit where the HVAC guys left some erm…HVAC goo maybe…behind.  It’s time to get laminate down.072913193230

The interior doors need paint and new hardware.


Old Faithful, my fridge has gone rogue on me and the freezer won’t stay shut without duct tape.  Yep, I am ghetto fabulous when it comes to appliances and duct tape.  So a new fridge is on the list.


Originally I was going to update the entire kitchen but I have decided just to get new counter tops and a sink installed instead.

But I am beginning to wind down a little from the home improvement projects.  Why?  Should I come out and say it?  I am upgrading my living space from the Treehouse to an actual house next Spring.  I know I have been playing with the sell/rent game for the past few years, but this time (no really) I am serious.

Note serious face

Note serious face

I have been house shopping for a few months now and I have been plugged in to my market report to get updates on what the condos in my neighborhood are selling for.  By the way, if you haven’t tried Market Report by Allen Tate, it is amazing!  And free!  Totally free!  Go to to sign up for yours today!

But summer is calling my name and work has me running all over the state right now.  I will be doing home projects again soon, and I truly can’t wait to share my home search/Treehouse sale story with you guys when the time comes.  But right now, I am going to enjoy life a little.  Stay tuned.  And follow me so you don’t miss a beat.  😀

What keeps you motivated to blog during the summer?  Do you take a little hiatus when the weather gets warm?


One thought on “Motivational Monday: What the Heck Happened to My Blog?

  1. I started my blog this summer so I guess my answer to your question motivation is the curiosity! I think I’m a WordPress addict.I hope it goes away soon lol

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