Tardis Tuesday

It is absolutely disgusting outside, however it is “blue skies” in the Treehouse.  First off, for those of you Whovians out there, you already know the revealing of the 12th Doctor Peter Capaldi.  He is quite dashing indeed.   So many people are complaining about how he’s not good looking or young enough for the part because the whole point of the series is to “fantasize about running away with him.”  Eh…that is NOT the premise of the show.  That may be why so many people watch it but honestly, I get a little annoyed when they overly sexualize the Doctor. I blame it on Barrowman.

imagesI don’t think anyone really remembers the backlash Matt Smith received whenever he was assigned to play literally one of the most iconic characters in television history.  I was so upset by the whole thing, it took me a few years to even watch an episode with him in it.  Now he is just as, if not more, beloved than David Tennant (who happens to be my Doctor).  So, I am thinking that Capaldi will simply be brilliant.  One problem, though.  He appeared in Fires of Pompeii during Tennant’s run as the Doctor.  In such terms, this may create a paradox.  It’s going to be fun to see how they work that out.

Photo Courtesy of Forbes.com

Photo Courtesy of Forbes.com

Moving right allons-y…I missed my Tardis on the wall of my made-over living room.  And I hated what I did with this spare piece of particle board.072113190211It was thrown together in one afternoon and was just shoddy work.  I was not a fan.  I quickly got an idea from a friend of mine who sent me a crayon melting piece featuring the Tardis.  I didn’t have crayons on hand, however, I did have plenty of acrylic paint in blue hues.


After painting the board white, I squirted three different shades of blue on the top of the board and let gravity do the rest.


I was quite impressed with what I had done so far, but I needed a little more interest for the painting so I just dropped paint in random spots.  I like to think of it as the stars in the galaxies.


Finally, I ripped a quote from the Ninth Doctor.  I had to shorten it but here is the actual line in YouTube form:


Here is the finished product.  I have a few more Doctor projects to tackle (spoilers) but they will be up soon.

All hail nerd-dom!

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