Totally Floored: The Beginning

After living in the Treehouse for 4 years, I am finally taking the plunge and getting my narsty carpet replaced.  Yes, the word is narsty, not nasty.  That is not a typo.  It’s really bad, guys.  Not in the bedrooms, but most definitely in the living room and hallway.


Exhibit A


Exhibit B

You can’t really see the tears and the stains but they are there.  To the pint where I have had bits of carpet get sucked up in the vacuum, causing it to shut down spontaneously on me.

I popped by Home Depot on Wednesday and actually ran into an old Pure Romance customer of mine.  She was very helpful, and together we picked out the perfect laminate hardwood floor for my budget.


Traffic Master in Brazilian Cherry for $0.99. It’s so pretty.  And the installation will have a one year warranty on it.  So if anything nuts happens, Home Depot will come back and fix it.  Not bad.

The measuring guy came by this morning and was very nice, and BIG PLUS he’s a Whovian!  He saw my TARDIS painting and said “Tom Baker was my favorite Doctor.”  And I was happy.  It actually made my day.  Next step is installation, which I am hoping can be handled just after I get back from vacation so Maddie isn’t in the way.  She was very chill on the porch this morning, but I doubt she’d be happy if there were saws and hammers going off all day.



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