All These Things That I’ve Done: 2013 Edition

Hello, everyone!  I am finally back from family vacation and we all had a blast!  Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday we saw sunshine and up near 90 degree temps. Yesterday, we woke up to rain and it was a mere 62 degrees outside.  And it has been that way for the past 24 hours, which has been stirring thoughts of the Summer almost being over and Fall being just around the corner.  I cannot tell you exactly where it went.  It honestly feels like Summer was here just a minute ago, except she was so much of a buzz kill what with all the rain and cooler weather that I guess most people forgot she was even here.

It is always fun, however, to reflect on the progress I made during the Summer months.  And also because I was feeling a little nostalgic and this time last year I was also blogging about things I’ve done over the Summer.  You can read last year’s post here.




I stumbled upon this book on my Kindle one night and devoured it in a matter of a week, filling Tim in on the details as I went along because I was THAT kind of engrossed in the book.  Seriously, I haven’t gone through a book that fast since The Hunger Games.  It’s a real book.  It’s not sappy or overly girly, which is what I was expecting.  This book was far from a poor man’s Nicolas Sparks book about “cancer kids.”  It was funny, entertaining, but also enlightening.  I truly enjoyed this book and I am actually excited to see what they do with the movie that is coming out next year.  I actually got pretty excited.



This book I read at night to help me fall asleep, not unlike Fifty Shades of Grey from last year.  But I have been dragging myself through this self-help book since May, I believe, and it is just not getting any better.  Retrieving this reading list idea from Pinterest, I was under the impression this book would be life-altering or at least get me to think a bit.  In the beginning, I agree with the author that there are just not enough ladies in the world. But it just repetitive after a while.  This would make for a great graduation gift for a teenage girl, but for a grown woman in her mid-twenties…it just wasn’t my cup of tea.



The transformation of my living room walls in May.  They underwent some major work to make way for a more mature and sophisticated look.  The transformation will be complete once the new floors are in.  By the way, they are nestled in the living room right now, acclimating and getting ready to be installed.



Me, after installing a new HVAC system in my house back in July.  And despite the fact that I have been utilizing my system a lot more, I am actually seeing a drop in the utility bills.  So much amazingness that is happening.  But now the dryer is not working…it’s always something, isn’t it?  Other thing that makes me pretty darn cool?  Getting rid of my old Honda with no AC and trading it in for a lovely climate-controlled Chevy HHR. Some things are definitely worth the money.



Not tooting my own horn here, but I am a part of an excellent group of friends who are all very popular and awesome.  The summer has gone by exponentially fast thanks to the girls’ nights, karaoke kiki’s, and hang outs.  My social life has really blown up this year.  I blame it on my boyfriend and hanging out at Lucky Lou’s.  It has just been amazing.  I was so worried about turning 25, but really this summer has been the best ever.



Today is the last day, besides Labor Day, to attend Carowinds on the week days.  I bought Tim and myself passes for the Summer just so we could “blow off steam” after work. Well, work got the best of me and I found myself crashing on the couch at the end of the day.  Now the Summer season is over, Scarowinds is opening in a month, and the park is only 2 months away from closing until next March.  Where did the Summer go????  Well, Tim and I are definitely going to utilize our season passes during the fall.  🙂

What are your Summer Superlatives?  I would love to hear about them/read about them in your blogs!


2 thoughts on “All These Things That I’ve Done: 2013 Edition

  1. That’s so weird – I’m currently reading The Fault In Our Stars, too! I didn’t know they were making it into a movie, I had just always wanted to read it.

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