It’s All Down Hill From Here

Call me crazy, but there are some days I believe that Summer is just starting and I still have months and months before the new year starts.  Today a lot of kids went back to school.  BACK TO SCHOOL???? Already?  Where did the time go?  Furthermore, this feeling that time is flashing before my eyes was accented by this email I received Better Homes and Gardens online.081913142430

Since when did we start prepping for Christmas in August?  Well, I guess we should because it feels like the kids were just graduating yesterday.

I am freaking out here, people!  There are only 4 months left in 2013.  Granted it has been really awesome but I feel as far as the house goes, I have done ABSOLUTELY nothing!  I have a bucket list of things that need to be done before Misfit’s Thanksgiving at least.  It doesn’t seem so long ago that Tim was asking me to be his girlfriend everyday for a couple weeks and in less than 2 weeks we will be celebrating our one year anniversary.  Now he’s asking me to marry him everyday.  He’s only half kidding.  And I am running around like a mad woman trying to get some things done around my house before the big trip.  It’s not to bad but they are time consuming tasks:

  • Arranging for a bug bomb to go off in the house because the rain has driven every single 6-10 legged creature in God’s green Earth into my house.  It’s seriously grossing me out.  And with Maddie staying at mom and dad’s house, I don’t have my handy dandy roach killer with me.  I could quite easily just go on and set it off, but with me living in a multiple unit, I need to notify my neighbors so they aren’t taken by surprise.
  • Having paid for the laminate to be installed, I am simply waiting for the rest of the flooring materials to come in before I can enlist the installers to get to work.  I am most excited/anxious about this update.  It’s four years coming!
  • Having to figure out how in the world I am going to get a week’s worth of laundry done with the absence of a dryer.  The coil broke in it and I am pretty much drying my clothes with a glorified tumbler.
  • One serious Fall cleaning day.  My house has gotten grody since I am either A) At work B) Hanging out with my people C) Showing houses to my clients who might as well be my people.

How do you guys deal with the stress when you are running on a limited timeline, especially when it comes to home repairs?


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