The Bedroom Bugs Are Itching Me

I am stumped guys…I have done and redone this room over and over again and it still doesn’t feel right.  I am in a constant state of trying to seek out the perfect “grown-up” luxe look for my master bedroom.

homeupdate 098

I know four BIG things that need to go:

  • My side tables
  • Those art pieces I bought back when I was 21
  • The settee.  I feel like it’s taking up entirely too much space
  • The “bookshelf” I made out of a CD case


homeupdate 097

Some ideas I have for the room:

  • Moving furniture around
  • Investing in actual blinds (gasp)
  • Painting the room a new color (it needs it anyway, I have several holes in the walls)
  • Painting the closet
  • Adding fun storage spaces
  • Getting rid of that blank candle holder above the bed in favor of stenciling a design

homeupdate 096

Just from these photos, what do you guys think?  I personally think a yard sale is in order…soon.  🙂  Spoilers…

Leave your comments below and send me a few inspiration links.  I am going to walk through this with you all from the mood boarding to the final product.



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