Quicky Sunday Post: Extreme Couponing?

Anyone who knows me knows I love to save money.  Lately I have been tossing around the idea of couponing to save on groceries.  Since I am a single girl and don’t have a lot space in my house for food storage (AKA very little stock-up space) is there anyone out there that can help me overcome my predispositions about couponing and help me save a little money?  I know I have a lot of readers and Facebook friends who can take $150 in groceries and reduce their totals to half that, if not, below.

So to my couponers out there…who wants to help me out?  If you live in my area, you can even take me on a tutorial trip and I will feature you in my blog.  🙂

Leave your tips, couponing sites, and shopping trip successes in the comment box below.


One thought on “Quicky Sunday Post: Extreme Couponing?

  1. I don’t know where you live, but there are lots of blogs around the country that focus on saving you money in your area, and I’m sure you can find one for where you live. I live in Oregon, and use http://www.frugallivingnw.com/. They match up coupons and sales and show you how to get the best bang for your buck. I also stock up on things when they go on sale, so that I’ll have them on hand when I need them, and don’t have to pay full price for them. One other website I check often is http://slickdeals.net/ which is where people post deals they find online and the best ones make the front page. This allows me to buy quality, brand name items online at their rock bottom prices. I get $60 Quiksilver/Hurley boardshorts for my fiancee when they’re on sale for $12-$15. I also shop through ebates.com or shopathome.com to get cash back when shopping online. And I ALWAYS check retailmenot.com for coupon codes when shopping online (they have printable coupons for physical stores as well). You can often get free shipping or $/% off discounts. Good luck!

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