Zombie Weekend Take Two

I am bruised, cut, sore, and exhausted from Running for Your Lives this weekend.  But holy apocalypse, was it fun! Mel and I went down to Georgia for our second annual zombie run trip (the first you can see here).  Though it has been almost a year since our last walk with the undead, we decided after running in the race, we would join the Zombie Horde as well.  I love running in the race, yes.  Will I continue to run in the race?  Absolutely!  But there is really NOTHING like getting to play a zombie for an afternoon.  But more on that later.  Let’s talk about the run really quick.


We made our way down on Friday afternoon and got to our hotel around 10.  The Holiday Inn Express in Calhoun, GA was awesome by the way.  The most comfortable beds, close to foodage, and I was able to get a little cup of cocoa before bed (yeah, because I’m five).  We had a great night’s sleep and I enjoyed the “free” continental breakfast the hotel offers.  Eggs, bacon, pancakes, fruit, cereal, and the absolute most bitchin’ cinnamon rolls I have ever had.  We packed up the car after breakfast and headed into the hills for the run.  It was I-can-see-my-breath-in-the-air weather and we were a little nervous about our attire: shorts and tank tops.

1185248_10151894862633081_1564657165_nThe sun began to shine and all was well in the world…well, except for the fact that in an hour we were going to be chased by zombies and be stripped of our flags when it was all said and done. And in case you were wondering, yes, we showered BEFORE the race.  We just felt more ready to seize the day afterwards. And we looked pretty fabulous too.

1235962_10151894862833081_1138753483_nThe little tank tops we made were dubbed “Playlist for the Undead” and they were supposed to have a list of zombiefied songs on the back such as:

Smells Like Teen Brain – Nirvana

Let it Bleed – The Beatles

Have You Ever Eaten Brains – CCR

Stumble this way – Aerosmith

I want to eat your hand – The Beatles

I can’t catch you baby – Led Zeppelin

Gnaw Me-Blondie

But…the iron-on transfers stunk and the playlist bled together on the back of the shirt.  No big fuss though.  They only cost me about $10 together.

Back to the race!  We were in the first wave and blew past pretty much everyone right out of the gate.  We deferred from last year’s strategy, strength in numbers, and just ran like hell.  We were gettin’ it, too.  Soon we were jogging up and down the treacherous hills of Georgia on our own.  We would come upon a field every now and then that would be swarming with zombies, but for the most part, the course was just hills.  When we DID hit the zombie zones, we very rarely got out without a bruise or a scratch from the extreme briars that were growing in the area.  I think Mel and I both started bleeding from cuts somewhere along the way but we just kept running.  We lost our flags but the zombies gave us a few along the way and we would lose those, as well.  We finally made it to the final obstacles, cannon balled into the “bloody” water and crawled under the electric fence.  And no, there’s no way you won’t get shocked.  Thing lit me up like a Christmas tree.  But I will admit I felt so alive.  Despite being “infected.”

1229923_10151894862473081_2133035407_nMel and I found out after we cleaned up that we were the first females out of the fray.  Not the first living ones but the first is always good. And anyways, we had no time to dawdle.  We had to get zombified right after. We “showered” in the makeshift shower zone and changed in my car.  Luckily we were parked so far back, no one saw our unmentionables.  Mel and I had both signed up as chasers but after the run, I had hurt my ankle at some point in time and only had my ballet flats to run in since my tennis shoes were soaked and I am not a wet foot fan at all.  So I decided to switch over to stumbler.

091413105421Here’s Mel all bloodied up and made to look downright dead.  Still the prettiest zombie on the course though.  She had a runner give her a flag just because she was pretty.  Yep that happened.  Oh me, even dead my baby sister is the hotness. Me on the other hand…

091413105410Downright scary.  I didn’t even look at myself until after my zombie shift was over.  No wonder most people would scream and be startled at the sight of me.  I freaked myself out a little.  The blood was some sort of sugary stuff that just got caught in my hair and stained everything but it did keep me from scratching my face, something a zombie never does.  I stayed wordless for most of my zombie transformation, resorting to screams and grunts.  I was downright frightening, I was.  Our little horde was stationed in Zone 2, a narrow wooded trail filled with rocks and other ways to really hurt yourself.  You will never see carnage quite like what we saw, and most of it wasn’t even our faults.  The runners would come over the hill and a few would barrel through, trip up, and stumble and then stay down.  Others accidently wrapped themselves around trees, got up, and kept running.  I was called a bitch while I chased after a female runner (highlight of my day) and was denied taking a flag from a rotund female walker who claimed she was keeping her flags as “souvenirs.”


If you don’t know the gist of the game, the runners and walkers of the race get three flags that symbolize their lives.  Once all three flags are taken by the zombies, you are deemed infected and listed among the dead at the end of the race.  Anyone who has a flag or more survives.  It’s simple, really.  So this lady who clearly wouldn’t survive the apocalypse if it were only up to running (pretty sure she could take down a zombie or two, she scared me enough) more than likely survived on her “these flags are my souvenirs, you can’t have them” argument.  Anyways, venting a little there.  How about my horde, eh?

091413104113There were a ton of us

091413102728So much so that we were procreating!


Santa didn’t even make it out alive.  This is Russ and Logan, two of our horde peeps.  Yes, Russ is Santa and oh, the responses people gave from seeing him at the beginning of Zone 2.  Mainly, “Awwww Santa, say it ain’t so!”  One guy said that he didn’t believe in Santa because he was Jewish before Russ took after him.

We became a tight-knit group during our two and half hours out there in the woods.  All of us were from different states, had different jobs, and were even in different stages of life.  But the one thing we all had in common was our love for zombies.  Spending time with the little horde was actually way more fun than running in the race itself.  We even got Russ to twerk in between waves.

After our shift in the woods was over, I had a complimentary PBR(only time it ever tasted delicious) we dragged our carcasses back to the car and showered in a truck stop for the first time.  Best. Shower. Ever!

The next morning, Mel and I woke up and compared battle scars from the run.  Neither of us got out unscathed but we had the best time.  Already planning for next year.  Anyone care to join us?  Join ussssssss….


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