So This is Happening…

Happy Monday morning, everyone.  I am reporting live from The Treehouse because I am literally trapped inside.  Not against my will but I just realized I am holed up in my bedroom, terrified to leave it, and I do not have any access to food.  What’s the deal?  It’s floor installation day here!  Romanoff Renovations, partners with Home Depot are having my floors put in today.  Both Maddie and I are locked up in the rooms that aren’t getting an overhaul and the rest of my furniture is stored in the strangest places.

092313080016Yep, there’s a couch in my kitchen.  It was supposed to join Maddie in the guest room but it didn’t want to fit through the hallway.  So I ended up dragging it into the kitchen along with my buffet, kitchen table, dining table, and everything else.  I was able to get to the coffee maker this morning so I am actually in a chipper mood.

092313080029The guest room is also filled to the brim with furniture.  Maddie Moo is hidden away somewhere in there.  I am checking in on her constantly to make sure she hasn’t lost her mind yet from all the sawing, scraping and banging going on around here.


This is living proof of how big my living room can actually be when I don’t have so much furniture hanging around.  I had to resist doing cartwheels.

092313084359We are well past this point now but I have to show you what my subfloor looks like.  It is a mess.  I am now glad that I actually decided not to do anything stupid and attempt to paint the subfloors a la this at one point in time.  I would have looked at this nonsense, said “forget it” and then I would have been stuck with some pre-tty scary floors for a few months.

The floors are now going down in the hallway. It smells like toasted marshmallows in the house, coincidentally. Eeee! I am beyond excited.  It’s already beginning to look miles above the old house.  I have to go and climb over my sofa now to get something to eat. I might have to actually sit on my countertops while I cook it but that’s how I roll.


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