31 Days: How I Found the Treehouse


I have been taking out clients to show homes for about a year and a half officially.  And this is the most important thing I know about the home search process.  Sometimes you don’t get to pick your home, your home picks you.  That feeling of euphoria that you’re supposed to get when you walk into your “dream home?”  Sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesn’t.  For me, it did not happen.


These walls gave me vertigo, I tell ya!

I was 21, newly engaged and finishing off my final year of college.  I was technically “broke” and was having my parents cosign a loan for me so my then fiance and I could actually OWN a house instead of go into the apartment rental deal. Even though I was approved for a pretty large sum, the houses that I picked to see in that price range were just not doing it for me.  Something just didn’t feel right when I walked in.  Too much space, wrong neighborhood, too much to fix…we went to see about 15 houses before my mom (and realtor) told me she found the cutest condo in a great neighborhood close to everything.  I checked out the photos online, informed her I was not living in a condo, and I thought that was that.


The kitchen went through a Julia Child/Italian phase

But mom wasn’t giving up. Somehow she kept on poking me about this stupid little condo, and the only way to get her to stop was to go and check it out.  So off we went.  It was towards the end of winter so it was chilly but the sun was beginning to show it’s face again.  When I walked in to the condo, the sun was coming through the windows from the balcony and even though it was a foreclosure and the power was off, I fell in love with the natural light in the house.  It was so bright and beautiful.  And a lot more spacious than I thought!

Of course there were some things I absolutely hated about the house: the green and red Christmas-y striped walls, the ceiling to floor mirror in the kitchen, the light fixtures.  This house was a bit of a fixer.  Still, though, it was a doable fixer.  I did not feel the euphoria, but what I did feel was comfort and a little bit of excitement to roll up my sleeves and fix this baby into something that was mine.


The mirror in the kitchen had to go. Who wants to themselves chewing?

Four years later, I am still here, loving every minute of it.  The Treehouse and I have survived two breakups, starting up two new businesses from scratch, multiple furniture moves, and I have created this home that actually feels like home. Even if it wasn’t my first choice, it was really what I needed.  This house is the perfect size for a single girl like me, a young professional who needs a place to call home without the major rent (my mortgage is a third of what this house would cost to rent but more on that another day), who loves to be close to everything.  My Treehouse was far from perfect when I was dragged out to it, but now it has become the “home of my dreams.”  And yes, now I do feel a sense of euphoria when I come home.


My beautiful view when I come home!

Tell me about your first home search!  Are you thinking about buying your first home?  What questions do you have about the home search process?  Leave your questions and comments in the box below!



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