Covering It Up Just a Little



As I mentioned in my post yesterday, Maddie was not too much of a happy camper that I had taken out about 250 square feet of her precious carpet that she loved to lay on.  You can see her pouting underneath the table here.  I loved the new floors in the house, but the room was looking a little too open and, let’s be real here…one of the best parts of having non-carpet floors is you can invest in area rugs to pull the room together a little bit.  While I was in my room on “house arrest” during the installation, I hit the interwebs for some inspiration and to do some shopping.

Image Courtesy of

Image Courtesy of

I really loved the geometric pattern of this rug on one of my favorite blogs  The colors were really nice, as well.  The problem was the size and the pricing.  I couldn’t really afford anything over $100 at this point and the rug itself couldn’t be too large, either since I just needed it for the “living area” in my living/dining combo.

I don’t know what it is about chevron patterns but I love them.  The clean lines I think are what do it for me.  I liked the grey color and the price was really great at $58.64 (  But I felt that the lines would be a little too harsh for the room that already has some architectural detail.


The next was an indoor/outdoor combination rug for $27.19 (  The pattern was nice but I wasn’t sure about the fabric or the size.  The dimensions were just under 3 feet for width and my coffee table is around 2 feet.  So sadly, this one was a pass as well.P14131580

I found this rug for a great price of $64.59 (  I chose the charcoal grey, loved the pattern and the dimensions were absolutely perfect.  I HAD to buy it on the spot.  I purchased the rug on Friday and it arrived on my front porch yesterday with free shipping.  Not bad at all!


I rolled it out yesterday and it looks pretty awesome. The wool is soft but not too shaggy so it’s just enough cushion without it being an allergy hazard or something new for the vacuum cleaner to chew on.


Plus, Maddie has already taken up residence on it, so she is a happy fur baby.  I heard her hacking earlier this morning, and I threatened her within 3 of her cat lives if she threw up on it.  Here’s hoping my little rug makes it through the week.  Dang it, Maddie, this is why I can’t have nice things.  She’s lucky she’s cute, that’s all I have to say.

100113153431The rug really ties the room together and, at the same time, separates the dining area from the living area.  At one point in time, i considered purchasing an additional rug for the dining space, but with the size of the room, I believe it’s overkill and having the area rug on the far side of the room helps draw your eye across the room instead of having it stop right in the dining area.

100113150226I keep noticing the fan on the balcony makes appearances.  I need to get rid of that thing.  Summer is over!  And that fan is just not pretty to look at.  One more thing to add to my to-do list.

Where are your favorite places to buy area rugs?  Have rooms that you have spiffed up with area rugs?  Share your stories and links below!


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