Hold Up, Wait a Minute, Put a Little Fall In It

This song has been haunting my karaoke nights for the last few weeks (thank you TRY), so I had to share.  Just stick “fall” in place of “love.” Anyways, I after that segway, The Treehouse has gotten a little Fall put into it.  I absolutely love this time of year and enjoy decorating accordingly.

091013184506Most of the year, my mantle looks like this.  Very clean cut and spring-like.  The decor is simple and the colors blend well together.  But during Fall…BAM!

091913173834Things get orange, yellow, and brown pretty fast.  This year, I created a special bunting made from Fall-themed fabric I got at Wal-Mart for $7.  I even had enough left over to make a sweet pillow. The no-sew bunting was easy to make.  All you need is:

  • Squares of fabric
  • Hot glue gun
  • Hemp

Take the squares of fabric and fold over the sides just enough to “hem” the edges to create a smooth line. Then fold the top most section over the hemp and glue it in place.  Then fold the two bottom corners in to create points.  And voila!  You have a homemade Fall bunting for under $10.

091313080958For those of you who have been following me since last Fall, you’ll remember one of the most fun projects I ever did because it involved drinking pumpkin beer and painting.  I bought a six pack of pumpkin ale that came in brown bottles and spent about a week drinking four of them to create this project. They are now nestled sweetly on my buffet table in the dining area.

Mom gave me a lovely fall wreath to adorn and hang on my door for the season, and, being the Pinterest-ing maven I am, ran with it.  I purchased a wood block letter, grabbed the hemp from the bunting as well as my hot glue gun, and began wrapping the hemp around the letter.

091113155515Why they couldn’t have had an “O” in Wal-Mart, I have no idea.  There must be a high demand on the “O’s” in my town.  But this was more fun anyway.  I had to figure out how to wrap up a funny-shaped letter.

091113160155Best advice I can give when wrapping letters in hemp:  use the glue gun; it’s there for you!  The letter wrapping took about two hours with breaks because my fingers were getting sore from holding the hemp on but the final product is just lovely.

091913181416I love it so much, I may keep it up through Halloween.

I just can’t get enough of Fall!  Have some Fall Pinterest projects I should try out? Have a Fall home makeover you want to share? Leave the links below or follow me on Pinterest!


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