My Closet Is All Atwitter

I have been focusing in a lot on the master bedroom lately, and I have been updating it for the past week going off a few comments my Facebook friends have sent my way.  And wouldn’t you know it, a few of them actually made lots of sense.  I am already loving the new layout of my bedroom.  I will be sharing my little updates with you all tomorrow.  But for right now, I am going to visit something I have been wanting to do for about a year and never had the right idea or courage to do it. Painting the interior of my closet.

Closet1I apologize for the graininess of the photos.  I am working on getting the battery charger for my sister’s Nikon camera that she has lent to me indefinitely so I can take pictures for the blog but mainly of mom’s and my listings.  Until that happens, I am stuck in camera phone hell.  I hadn’t touched my closet since I moved in 4 years ago, and the lines from when I fitted it for the shelf system were still showing.

closet2Not pretty at all.  Every other time I get to watch television, I would see the Fabric of Our Lives commercials where starlets like Zoe Deschanel and Hayden Panetierre have these fabulous closets, you know what?  I was jealous.  I may not be a star, but dang it, I deserve a nice closet too!

One day I was on Pinterest and I found this sweet stencil and the light bulb went off.  I had a stencil from painting my coffee table that would do great for the closet job.


I cleared everything out of my closet, removed the shelves and just kept the shelf holders in the wall so I could paint everything quickly.  And I am really not a big fan of getting paint all over the place if I can help it.  I used the same paint I used for my living room, so I virtually paid nothing for it.  Once it was done drying, I applied my stencil with Martha Stewart Vintage Gold paint (bought it for $5.98 at Home Depot).  The application took some time, but the end result was pretty awesome.

closet 3I created a zig zag pattern with the bird stencil and placed it directly onto the wall and lifted it directly off when I was done applying.  If you drag, the stencil will smudge.  And that’s not good at all.  Happened a few times to me, but luckily I was able to either wipe it off or I have clothes in the way.  Boo-ya!


How cool does that look???? I am pretty impressed with myself, to tell the truth.  The entire project took me about 4 hours and the color goes really well with the rest of my room.  And yes, that is a real bookcase underneath my frame wall.

closet5The final touch was adding some lighting.  I purchased this LED light from Home Depot.  It has a sticky side so I was able to adhere it anywhere in my closet.

closet6Now it keeps things nice and illuminated.  Shines off my little gold birds, as well.  I have already started planning on getting a couple more for the sides, though.  One light is good but with the clothes being in the way, it could stand a little more brightness.

closet7And here it is with the shelves in.  My closet may not have French doors or be a walk-in but it’s already the star attraction in my bedroom.  I will take better photos as soon as I am able.  Pinky swear!

Budget Breakdown:

Base Paint Celtic Green from Home Depot (From Living Room Update…FREE)

Martha Stewart Vintage Gold Paint from Home Depot ($5.98)

LED Light from Home Depot ($12.97)

Closet Makeover UNDER $20!


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