30 Days: What If My Condo Were…Here!


As a realtor, I can be a HUGE real estate nerd sometimes.  Features like this one just blow my mind!  So I got to thinking…what if my condo were located in other cities how much would it go for?  The results, I must warn you, will indeed blow your mind as well.

Here is my condo.  Listed at 2 bedrooms 1 bathroom with just between 800 to 1000 square feet.  I don’t really want to share the price at which I bought because this was a foreclosure price but I can say by comparison, properties in my neighborhood sell for about $55,000.

MycondoThe amenities included in my condo…there are none.  But I have the great benefit of having the exterior and roof taken care of in addition to fantastic grounds care facilities.  My condo is in a prime location, only 20 minutes away from Uptown Charlotte, just off I-77, and within 5 minutes driving distance to prime shopping, dining, and a cinema. I am also within biking distance of the grocery store as well as Riverwalk, one of the most beautiful walking/kayaking/biking trails I have ever set foot on.

Now, let’s see what we have just a stone’s throw away in Center City Charlotte.  This condo, like mine is about the same square footage and also has 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom.  This condo is priced at $285,000.  Amenities include gym, club house, and pool.  You get to enjoy the baseball games from the roof and you are truly close to everything Charlotte has to offer without even getting in your car! The upgrades are very apparent here: granite counter tops, stainless steel appliances, hardwood floors.  When you’re paying out that kind of cash, you get the absolute best and that includes location.

Charlotte CondoWhat’s next?  I want to go to one of my favorite cities on Earth, San Francisco to check out the real estate there.  This beautiful slice of Heaven is located in the prestigious Cow Hollow neighborhood just off the bay and is priced at a whopping $929,000!  The building itself was built in 1914, merely 8 years after the earthquake.  Abundant in charm and updates, this condo features all the upgrades, including a gas range.  Excuse me while I wipe the saliva off my keyboard.  Anyone in San Fran want to adopt me?

sanfrancondoI am feeling my inner Carrie Bradshaw (or in my case Charlotte York) come out.  I wonder what the City That Never Sleeps could offer for a condo my size? Oh my dear sweet Manolo Blahniks.  This 972 square foot gem located on the Upper West Side of Manhattan is priced at $1.15 million.  All of a sudden that flat in San Francisco is looking pretty cheap and my condo is a drop in the bucket.  Pre-war designed and outfitted with appliances I can’t even begin to pronounce let alone afford, this condo also has a lovely little garden. I wonder what the closet looks like?


I need to stop there simply because I am getting major house envy.  But I guess I can’t complain too much.  The highest mortgage is just over $5000 a month.  I always get a little kick out of the jaws dropping when I tell people how much my wee little mortgage payment is.  Still, there are some great design factors in these homes that make them top notch.  Maybe I should take a page from their books.

Take the if my house were here challenge.  Not only do you see what houses like yours are going for, but you also pick up fantastic decorating tips along the way.


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