Yard Crashing in Raleigh

Every year my family and I make the trip up to Manson NC to visit with the Buchanan Clan, the children and grand children of the original Buchanan family.  On the way, however, this year we made a little stop off in Raleigh to visit with my Uncles Hoyt and Randy who have always been extremely handy in interior design and landscape architecture.  The last time I went to visit them, I wrote a post about their beautiful home but sadly it was raining out and I couldn’t get any pictures.  Thank goodness for a gorgeous weekend because I got to run around their yard and snap away.

100513150222Before I get into the tour though, I want to introduce you all to my “nephew” Thomas J.  He is the son of my cousin Neil who was adopted by Uncle Randy when he was 12.  Thomas is a very happy baby with the biggest blue eyes and longest eyelashes I have ever seen.  And I am head over heels for this kid.  I miss him already.  Back to the yard, though, right?

100513083816Nothing is better than a screened porch on a warm night.  Friday when we got in, we had hot dogs and s’mores out on the porch. Dad actually ended up falling asleep on the futon.  It’s so peaceful on this porch with the area rugs laying over the concrete floor and the fountains trickling throughout the day.  So I can’t blame Dad for passing out.

100513084052The house is laid out so that the front door can only be accessed through the gated courtyard.  Check out the pond and the sweet landscaping here.

100513084127The back yard has several patios to invite guests to sit back and relax wherever they’d like.  The arbor is one of my favorite parts of the yard because it is filled with fragrant sweet flowers.

100513091553The additional patio in the center of the yard is made up of slab laid over dirt.  Neil and I hung out here quite a bit on Friday night catching up on life.  It was very nice being able to chat out in the beauty of the yard.

100513091642Next to the slabbed patio is the chicken coop.  Uncle Hoyt and Randy have their own hens that lay eggs.  What happens to the chickens when they can’t lay eggs anymore?  They will go in the retired chicken coop.  Yep, the chickens are going to have their own retirement center.  Uncle Hoyt goes to great lengths to make sure the chickens are safe during the night and has actually put in a security system in case any comes out or in.  Evidently there are foxes and coyotes in the Raleigh city limits.  How crazy is that?

100513091605What’s a back yard if it doesn’t have a hammock?  Another set off space features a dining area to enjoy dinners outside.  The sculptures honor my uncles’ love for chickens.

100513091622This is my favorite part of the entire back yard: the fire pit area.  The patio is made of a downed tree that was cut into sections and placed on the ground to make it up.  The wooden seats are wonderful, as well.  I sent this picture to Tim and he is totally up for getting one of these in his yard.  I sense a project weekend coming on.

100513091717In addition to chickens, my uncles have a garden that they tend to.  From Neil tells me, they really have no need to go out to the grocery store all that much except for the things they can’t grow or harvest themselves.  Pretty savvy.

100513091653A shot of the back of the house for you all.  This is all enclosed by a fence to keep the city noise out and the chickens in.  Who would have thought that you could find a miniature farm in the city limits?  And they are doing it legally, by the way.  Fabulous job.  I can’t wait to have a back yard of my own so Uncle Hoyt can come in and do some designing for me.  🙂



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