Who’s That Pretty Ghost In The Mirror There?

I am feeling especially pretty today just because my ghostly counterpart is now permanently in a mirror to make me look automatically ten times better.  Going off an idea I found on Pinterest, Tim and I created our very own haunted mirror.

ghost5The process is beyond simple and, if you do it right, below $25 to create.  The first step is to find a frame.  Sure, you can go to a craft store and buy a new picture frame and pay out the nose for it, but I did what I always do and hit Goodwill first.

ghost1I found this lovely frame at Goodwill for only $7.99.  Yes, that’s a Monet print inside.  No, I did not keep it.  Yes, I am aware some artistic minds are freaking out right now.  When I was looking for a frame, I focused on two things: size and backing.  If the back of the picture frame didn’t have a way for me to get to the actual glass, what’s the point in buying it.  The size of this frame is quite large so it could take up a bit of the wall over my buffet table in the dining area.  The frame was so pretty with antique details, I didn’t really need to doctor it up.

I took out the print and tossed it off to the side to replace with my ghostly faces that Tim had created on his I-Pad using ZombieBooth app. Guess who the pretty one is…and by the way, my hair looked awesome today. Just sayin’.

ghost2Once we had these beauties printed off, I cut out the heads and used Mod Podge to fix them to the inside of the glass like I would with a regular photo.  Once the photos had been fixed into the frame, I wetted my fingers and smudged out the edges of the pictures so they didn’t look so cut out.

ghost3Then it was time to spray away!  I got the Krylon Looking Glass spray for about $9 a can (I used two cans) at WalMart.  I sprayed the back of the glass (the side the photos were on) several times to create an even coating.  The total time for spraying and drying took about 30 minutes.  Life-saving tip?  Open a window.  The stuff is strong!


Once the paint was dry, I put the backing back on the frame and hung my “mirror” on the wall.  It doesn’t shine like a regular mirror, however, the effect is quite…haunting?

ghost6Again, this was an easy project to personalize and now Tim and I have something to commemorate our favorite time of year.

Have any other Pinterest projects I should try?  Send me the links below.


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