31 Days: The Cost of Being a Homeowner

Having never lived an apartment, it was no surprise to me when I moved into The Treehouse in 2009, and I knew I was on my own as far as home improvements went.  Just as I was being dropped into home ownership for the first time, I immediately  had to learn about paying for my own mortgage, utilities, HOA fees, insurance, and even internet.  I had been pretty lucky through college with my parents paying for my…well everything.  The closing documents were signed, and I had the keys to the condo in my sweaty, shaking hands. The closest thing to the feeling I felt would be being thrown into a pool after teetering on the edge for way too long.  You’re a homeowner now, no more repair requests.  It’s your problem when something breaks.


Naughty naughty dryer crapping out on me

Go figure I move into the house and within a month, the air conditioning goes out and my fridge begins to leak.  I was smart enough to request a home warranty for the house, and I was able to get the repairmen out to check out the problems for next to nothing.  But I knew that I was going to have to face these issues at some point in time head on.


It looks fine now…hopefully it will last forever!

Over the past few years, my only huge purchase has been the air conditioning.  I have been lucky there.  Very very lucky.  But there have been repairs and fixes I have had to make to the house that probably have totaled beyond the sum of having the HVAC replaced.  The biggest key to being prepared for when the worst happens to your home is to have an emergency savings account.  When the cold air stopped blowing that first summer, I had plenty saved up to pay for the warranty company repairmen to come out.  But I knew that the next time may be a lot more expensive.

I began stashing 10% of my paychecks into savings, slowly preparing myself for the day the inevitable would happen and I would have to dip in without breaking the bank.

Over a year ago, my dryer began squeaking and it finally died on me.  Thank goodness the holidays are coming up with specials on new washers and dryers.  At this point in time, my emergency fund is not prepared for this emergency.  I have been doing my laundry at Tim’s or my parents.  I get clean clothes and in return I make them food.  It all works out in the end.

It’s a truth that sometimes it does suck major eggs to have to fix every single little thing in your home.  But after being a homeowner for 4 years, being able to put my heart and soul into my home has been beyond worth it.  You just can’t do that in a rental.  My house is my baby, and like babies, they need to be taken care of.  I accepted that responsibility when I got the keys.

What have been some major things you’ve had to fix in your house?  How do you save up for the repairs?


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