A Casual List of Home Improvements Fall Update

I do a little home repair update once in a blue moon and the last one was in February, so that means it’s high time for another update!  Whoo hoo!  I can’t believe it’s been 8 months already.  What’s scary is how close I am to being finished with this list.  Soon it will be time for me to sell and start all over.  Or maybe just take a month or two to enjoy it for once.

The original list of home improvements was created April 2012.

LIVING ROOM (71% Complete)


  • Paint the living room a different, more neutral color.
  • Get a new couch, new coffee table, and a lovely side table that is NOT made out of books…
  • A small chair for extra seating for company
  • Paint the trim in the living room…yes, Mom, I am getting it done! :)
  • Paint the bar in the living room…
  • Add a new fan in the living room…
  • Clear out under the bar and the shelves…we have too many wine glasses


BATHROOM (50% Complete)


  • Shower door removed in all its scuzziness.
  • New shower curtain up so I can actually take bubble baths. Ahhhh…
  • Patch walls and repaint
  • New floors and quarterround
  • Make the tub look more finished…at this point just bleaching it will be enough to make it look presentable for sale…
  • New faucet
  • New hardware


KITCHEN (0% Complete)


  • New kitchen counter tops
  • Sand and repaint the cabinets in the kitchen
  • Hardware on the cabinets to modernize and unify the room
  • In place of the kitchen island and pot rack which is pushed against the wall, a wine rack, base cabinet, and pantry will be installed with shelving replacing the wine rack
  • New sink in the kitchen and more than likely a fancy faucet…
  • Hem the curtains in the kitchen
  • Finish off coffee bar area
  • Paint fridge with black paint to make the look more cohesive

FLOORING (100% Complete)


  • Fix floors in the bathroom
  • Put down laminate in the living room and hallway
  • Add quater round

DINING ROOM (66% Complete)


  • Create a dining area
  • Add cushions that are uniform ( I somehow lost a cushion between IKEA and home, and I have been using a pillow as the fourth cushion.) It looks stupid.
  • Add a hutch for dish storage

BALCONY (100% Complete)

  • Screen in balcony

HALLWAY (0% Complete)

  • Fix the dryer in the laundry area
  • New light fixture
  • Paint walls and doors as well as trim
  • Runner
  • Organize closet and create permanent storage

MASTER BEDROOM (66% Complete)


  • Create a reading space for me in the bedroom
  • Chuck the gross side tables and update with new storage options
  • Get rid of all my “baby furniture” and purchase more modern, sleek, sexy, and adult bedroom furniture
  • Paint pattern on the wall
  • Paint closet
  • Add entertainment center for TV on wall


GUEST ROOM (33% Complete)


  • Paint away!
  • Add fan
  • Add office space

Fix water pressure issue on top of all that! It all happened one afternoon after the city had come by and turned the water off to the house to do some “routine maintenance.”  Afterwards, it’s impossible to take a shower just after flushing a toilet or using the dishwasher.  It’s frustrating.

Maybe if I’m feeling extra sprightly, I will scrape the ceiling of the popcorn texture, as well.  I have heard that getting up there with a spray bottle of water and a scraper isn’t that hard, but if scraping the glue off the floors was any hint of how time consuming and painfully mindnumbing it could be, I may pass on this.  More to come on that later.

So, given the current list, I am 54% complete with the tasks for the Treehouse.  That is a huge jump from my February post.  I am guessing there is a lot of motivation behind the list now and the influx of money I finally have coming through doesn’t hurt, either.

You guys will notice the I have barely touched the kitchen or the hallway.  This will be done in due time.  I am trying not to get project ADD.  One thing at a time.


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