A Haunted House

As of yesterday, I have about two weeks to make the Treehouse ready for my first-ever Halloween party.  It will be on a Sunday night, but it’s still going to be a hoot and a howler.  I was lucky enough to have a few hours to myself this weekend, but sadly that’s because Tim is not feeling so hot.  Hoping he recovers soon, because as much as I love having time on my hands to decorate and work on the house, being with him is a lot more fun.  So here’s hoping you get better soon, sweetie.  Back to the house, though, I was able to throw together two projects for under $20 this weekend to finish off the Treehouse.

haunted1My lovely tablescape is something that I bought and crafted last year, and I simply pulled it out for the occasion.  The spiderweb table runner is actually made from felt and is one of my prouder holiday decorating achievements.  The plates and candelabra I got from Michael’s craft store and the candles are just white tapers with red wax dripped on top to look like blood.

haunted2My fireplace will be tucked away in the master bedroom during the party to allow for foot traffic to get through easier, however, it is one of my favorite things to decorate.  I kept a few of my fall decorations on top and added a spell book set I also got at Michael’s last year.  The only change is the spider cutout I got in a 99 cent three pack at Wal-Mart.


My haunted mirror is awesome, however, it needed to be beefed up a little bit.  I bought planters, florist foam, and Spanish moss at Wal-Mart and went for a stroll around my common area to pick up fallen branches.  When I put it all together, I got an awesome buffet table that is absolutely haunting.

haunted4A close up of the branches.  I could have kept them “as is” but I decided to spray paint the branches black with some paint I already had from a previous project.  Oh, the joys of recycling.  The project is easy to do, and the materials cost me under $18!

My favorite project of the weekend, though, is my DIY yarn spiderweb that I pulled together in under an hour and a dollar!  I saw this idea on Pinterest and decided to create my own web on the cheap.  Who likes that fuzzy spiderweb in a bag, anyway? All I needed for this project was yarn, scissors, and scotch tape.


I started out by measuring and taping the framework of the spiderweb to my window frame.  I wrapped the yarn around itself in the center instead of knotting.  In fact, I decided to try a quicker approach than knotting the web and just decided to create a weaving motion with the yarn instead.


Then I took the yarn and began wrapping a long section of it around my fingers until I had a little ball to weave with.  I used probably about 5-7 feet of yarn for the actual web.  Once I cut how much I wanted, I tied one knot about 3 inches away from the center of the web and got to it.  The weaving actually stayed in place and I didn’t have to knot off whenever the webbing met the frame, saving me time, and the web looks more taught that way.  To “weave” you bring the web string under the frame string and just wrap around the frame string one time so it holds in place.


The first web took some time since I was getting into a rhythm, but once I figured it out, I put together the second web in about 10 minutes.


I didn’t make the webs identical, because where’s the fun in that?  I played with it a little, stopped off the web in some spots and then went in reverse.  I even played with the angles of the web, as well, to create a more realistic effect.  I am so excited about how these turned out.


Finally, I took the last two cut out spiders from my three pack, attached some yarn, and hung them from the web.  I had my neighbor stop me on my way out yesterday and tell me how awesome the webs look from the street.

101213131225They do look pretty cool and they were so easy to make!

As far as Halloween decorating goes, I am pretty much finished for the year.  I will add a post in a few weeks about how I will be doing food and drink presentation for the party, however, the elements that will come back every year have been put in place.

Now I’m bored…I think I might go over to Tim’s house and surprise him by helping him decorate for the trick-r-treaters.  (Maniacal laugh)


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