Hob Knobbin’


Little bathroom update for you kids really quick.  The quarter round is officially in and yes I know this is an old picture because the floors have obviously been put in the hallway.  As you can see, my bathroom cabinets needed a little bedazzlement to take it even further out of the 1980’s style AKA no knobs.  I am guessing there was a huge knob protest back in the day because not a single cabinet in my house has them.  Weird.  I got crafty and decided to add knobs of my own.


I found the center point of the drawers by measuring and marking the center line.  I then used a level to create a horizontal line for the drawer pull.


You can barely see them but there are two dots for where the holes would be drilled to fit my drawer pulls.  I charged up my drill and got brave with this.  I am no stranger to putting holes in things but it’s different with drywall as opposed to wood which is harder to fill.


I then drilled two holes for the pulls and then simply put them in and tightened with a screwdriver.  This project took about fifteen minutes tops and cost me about $12.


But now I have knobs!  Yay!  I feel a lot braver now and this was great practice for whenever I decided to tackle the kitchen which has, you guessed it, no knobs!  What is up with that?

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