No Sew TARDIS Costume

Halloween is fast approaching, and for the second year in a row, I am on time with working on my costume.  I knew exactly what I wanted to be just after Halloween last year, and the idea has been floating around in my mind for quite some time.  I took to Pinterest to find some great ideas for building my very own TARDIS costume.  And, I am happy to say, I pulled it all together for under $40.  And I will be able to reuse everything after the holiday has come and gone.

DSCN2204Here are the materials I used:

  • Blue dress from Delia’s ($10)
  • 2 pieces of white felt
  • 1 piece of black felt
  • Blue hair extensions purchased at the Spirit Halloween store
  • TARDIS socks also from Spirit
  • Black sequined top hat
  • Black fabric paint
  • White acrylic paint


The top hat will have some little creative accents added on later.  I am thinking a pocket watch and maybe some blue feathers like this.


I have already decided to have my hair in curled pigtails but I wanted to have some accents of blue in it to keep my costume looking cohesive if when the hat starts to get on my nerves and needs to come off.  And you just can’t have a TARDIS costume without matching socks, I mean, come on!


The felt is used to make the police box sign and the windows.  At first, I was going to sew them onto the dress, but when I got the dress and the mail, saw how well it fit and how cute it was, I knew I had to keep it for work.  So I am just using safety pins to adhere the felt to it.


I cut a rectangle for the Police Box sign out of the felt, two small rectangles for the windows out of the white, and a larger rectangle for the sign, also out of the white and positioned them to make sure sizing was correct.


Then I just used the black puff paint to draw in the windows and add the writing to the call box sign.  I was able to find the sign also on Pinterest.  The Police Box on the black felt is painted with the white acrylic.  Spoilers: Felt sucks up acrylic like water in a desert. You’ll need to add more than one coat of paint.

DSCN2214I will reveal the finished costume in a couple weeks but I don’t want to totally share just yet.  I am hoping it will be beyond fantastic!

Allons-y over to my Pinterest “Through Time and Space” board for more Whovian ideas, and be sure to follow me!


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