A Little Change: Meet Winnie

Today I am working from home because I am the new proud cat mom to a little black ball of fur named Winnie.  I named her after Winifred Sanderson from “Hocus Pocus” and she is an absolute joy.

My friend Alex found her outside a few weeks ago and the vet tells me that she is about 9-10 weeks old.  DSC_0002

Today is the first day of socializing her with Maddie.  I did some reading and the big goal for the next few days is to have Maddie aware that there is another small animal living in the house with her but she is not to come into direct contact with Winnie for another few days.

DSC_0003Winnie is extremely playful and hyperactive and has taken up residence in my bedroom.  She hates me typing which is why it’s taking so long to write up this little post.DSC_0004

Also, you may notice the shots of her are pretty smooth looking.  I have a new camera which will be used for my listings and future blog posts.  I am beyond excited.DSC_0007Also Winnie likes shoes, just like her big sister.  And she is a HUGE spaz.



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