TARDIS Costume Completion

I am dragging today, guys.  The weekend was pretty darn epic but I didn’t get any sleep at all.  So go figure today I actually get some Zzzzz’s but I am craving more.  I think it will be an early bed time tonight.

If you follow me on Facebook, you have already seen my TARDIS costume that I was making in this post a few weeks ago.  It came out soooo adorable.


Initially I was going to safety pin the panels onto the dress, but being the cheapskate I am, I didn’t want to go out an buy safety pins, so I gently sewed the panels on in the corners so that they would stay on but wouldn’t put too many holes in the fabric of the dress since I want to wear it again.


The costume actually won me second place at Lucky Lou’s Saturday night!  I lost to a…let me see if I get this right smoking, drinking, pregnant nun.  She won a fire pit.  Tim and I already have a firepit so I am cool with this.  Tim and I are now the proud owners of a portable corn hole set.  Very nahce!


Speaking of, the TARDIS is nothing without the Doctor and Doctor is nothing without his TARDIS.  Tim dressed as the tenth incarnation of the Doctor and looked pretty freakin’ awesome himself.

TARDIS4All the ladies and some of the guys at Lucky Lou’s agree he is hotter than David Tennant.  I totally agree.  He even has the sonic screwdriver and psychic paper.  The coat ended up costing a pretty penny but he can wear this every winter until the end of time.

TARDIS3All in all, this was probably the absolute best costume I have ever had.


-Blue dress from Delia’s ($10)

-Black flowered belt (Already owned)

-Black and white chuck taylor knock offs from wal-mart ($12)

-Black and white felt ($3)

-Black beret (Already owned)

-TARDIS socks from Spirit Costumes ($8)

-Blue Hair Extensions from Spirit Costumes ($4)

Total: $37

And most of my costume I can wear over and over again even after Halloween

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