Our Third Halloween


As Tim and I sat on the floor of his house, thoroughly enjoying Freddy vs. Jason and handing out candy to the babies, it occurred to me that this is our third Halloween together.  Granted, it’s only the second with us as a couple but I have truly enjoyed spending the last three Halloweens with him.  Tim and I believe that Halloween is supposed to be a national holiday where we get to take the day off work, watch horror films, and coo over the sweet trick or treaters coming to the door.  It’s safe to say Halloween is pretty much our favorite holiday.


So yesterday, after I got done with my morning meetings, I scooped up our pumpkins and headed over to his house for the afternoon.  Tim had his house all decked out for the night.  Problem though is that we went one strand of lights too crazy and it blew out the fuse on the outside of the house.  So no power there.  He cussed and stomped all around the house trying to figure it out but in the end we gave up and decided to plug in the lights from inside the house.  Worked just as well and the breaker box didn’t explode.


Once Tim’s sister had come to get his mom for the night, we set to carving pumpkins while watching Halloween.  We didn’t have the time to use stencils so we free handed.


I consider myself a pretty crafty person, but pumpkin carving is my kryptonite.  I am certain I wouldn’t be much for tattoos either.  I kept going over too much and the pumpkin fell apart a bit.  But the final effect of the owl is still really nice. I actually kind of think it looks like Darth Vader.


Tim went for Jack Skellington and did wayyyy better than I have ever done with a pumpkin.  Spooky and cool at the same time.

After Halloween, we moved on to Freddy Vs. Jason.  First time I had ever watched that movie but I laughed hysterically at it and found myself cheering for both sides.  Around that time, the kids started to arrive and it literally took us about 2.5 hours to watch a 1.5 hour movie.  Insanity.  We had lasagna for dinner baking in the oven but we (and by we I mean me) also enjoyed baked pumpkin seeds.  I saved a few,washed them off, dried them, set the oven to 350 and baked them with Lawrey’s seasoned salt for 20 minutes.  Tim said it was like eating peanut shells but I love roasted pumpkin seeds.


Around 8:30, we were able to eat and we began watching the Exorcist.  It was my first time watching that movie, but I guess I am going to have to blame my nonchalant attitude towards me being jaded out on more visually frightening movies.  It was good but I ended up falling asleep around the time Linda Blair gives herself the business with the crucifix.  I couldn’t keep my eyes open but for a completely different reason.  Tim and I actually both passed out.  Halloween was a big time for us.  We had a party, went to Scarowinds, hosted two parties with costume contests at Lucky’s…we were pooped.  But we’re already getting ideas for next Halloween.

hall20136One of the highlights of the night HAD to be when my cousin Melanie sent me a picture of her daughter Josie dressed up in her own version of the TARDIS costume.  I actually had two people approach me before Halloween and try to buy it off me.  Sorry, ladies.  I am not going to part with that dress. Keeping it for work.  🙂  But doesn’t she look just too cute?  Made me happy.jojo

How was your Halloween?


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