Here’s to New Traditions

I’m back!  Seriously?  Yes, really, I am back.  I am not dead.

I have been away from the blogosphere a lot lately.  I have done some minor upkeep, but for the most part, I know I have been MIA.  Thanksgiving was lovely.  It was truly one of the most relaxed Thanksgivings we have ever had.  Dad and Melanie took several naps that day.


Winnie bug with Gramps

That was one of the great parts…Mel was home for the holidays. She also brought her cat Loki along with her, and I had Maddie and Winnie as well.  So we had FOUR cats in the house.  It actually went great!  Loki and Winnie were so busy with one another, Maddie and Beau actually got a well-deserved break.


The “kids” playing

Speaking of breaks, Mel was a napping machine.  That kid has been so busy with school, work, EMT training, and working on having a social life, that she was totally worn out.  She got tons of rest.  I am hoping things will slow down enough for her to enjoy Christmas.  Dad smoked the turkey this year instead of baking.  We have done baked and fried turkey, but I truly believe that smoked turkey is my favorite out of them all.


Dad with the turkeys after the smoking

Mom was on a health kick this year, so I had to smuggle in macaroni and cheese as well as pumpkin pie to the dinner this year.


Mom making healthy sweet potato casserole. Delicioso!

After stuffing our faces, we decorated the Christmas tree, firepitted, and played a rousing game of Cards Against Humanity, which resulted in us making mom and dad say really dirty words before falling apart into giggles.  I have a feeling that we will be getting the latest edition for Christmas.


Tim with our fur baby. I have no idea what she’s looking at. But hey, she blends right in.

Speaking of Christmas, I am doing something I have NEVER done before.  I am going to be spending Christmas Eve with Tim and his family.  I am the first to admit I am stubborn, and set in my ways.  Christmas Eve up until this year has always been reserved for my family.  No matter how many relationships I have been in, no man was worth giving up my holiday traditions.  Until I met Tim.  There comes a time in every relationship when you have to make some adjustments to make your better half happy.  And it becomes something you want to do, not something you have to do.  And I am actually looking forward to seeing how my sweetie’s family celebrates the holidays.  Christmas Eve is the big night for his family, whereas Christmas Day is the big deal to mine.  So, really it all works out.  🙂

This year, we volunteered to host everyone at Tim’s house, and Tim has been working hard to make sure that this is the best Christmas ever.  And I know that it will be.  He’s already put together a holiday surprise for everyone that I think will bring a smile or two.

This year, we also have decided to have our own Christmas celebration together, called Stocking Day.  Tim’s idea. It’s like Boxing Day, but with stockings instead of boxes…actually I have no idea what Boxing Day is so I am not sure but just go with me on this. It will just be the two of us, after the hustle and bustle of traveling, cooking, and cleaning during the last days of the year.  There are only two rules:  we have to wear socks all day long and any presents we give to each other have to fit in our stockings. DSC_0335I am not going to lie, the stockings part of Christmas was the most boring part of Christmas.  But not only will this new tradition give us something to looking forward to, but it will give us an opportunity to spend a quiet day together, basking in the glow of another great holiday season.  And it’s just ours.  Something that we started together that will be gifted to our little family whenever we decide to have one.  I am actually extremely excited and have been thinking about what fun little knick knacks I can stuff away in his stocking.  This will also be fur baby Christmas for Maddie and Winnie since it’s silly to have them open their gifts at my parents house.  That’s just one more thing to pack up during holiday travels.  And yes, my cats can unwrap gifts.  Winnie has done a great job of unwrapping several of the gifts under the tree already.  It’s her first Christmas…I’ll let it roll.

What holiday traditions have you started with your family or significant other?




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