It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas 2013

It’s less than a week until Christmas and I finally have about 30 minutes to post about how great the Treehouse looks around the holidays.  Whether or not this is my last Christmas in the Treehouse is still up in the air (spoilers…) but one thing is for sure: there is nothing better.  I took these photos a few weeks ago but with the show and work, I have not been able to post them until today.  Compared to last week’s post, I am beginning to see a pattern.  I think I need to make a New Year’s resolution to post more often.

DSC_0328The kitchen got the yuletide treatment with a new plate that I painted at Art Space Studio in Charlotte with my friend Shelly.  Now it’s the centerpiece for my holiday cookie parties.  Want to learn more about Art Space Studio?  Follow the link!


In the living room, I have hung Tim’s, the kitties’, and my stockings over the fireplace mantle.  Sure, there’s no chimney attached but Santa has crafty ways of getting in and placing gifts in the stockings for Tim’s and my stocking day.  If you missed the last post, Stocking Day is Tim’s invention where we have a day just to ourselves and we exchange gifts that are stuffed away in, you guessed it, our stockings.  This gives us a mandatory “unwind” day after all the holiday festivities.

DSC_0338 Over the mantle, I have my favorite holiday decoration, the Merry and Bright sign I made last year.  It wouldn’t be Christmas without the Doctor, though.  David Tennant, a Christmas gift I received last year from my friend Chanssee, along with a print Tim made for me “Olive Juice” beefs up the area.


Speaking of beefing up, my favorite feature of the condo is my bar area.  My parents gave me this lovely garland during my first Christmas in the Treehouse.  It’s prelit and bells (that used to play music) glisten in the soft light.  I love how it draws your eyes to the area I usually look past.  The framed snowflake and Christmas tree inside the bar I found at Target a few years back.

DSC_0343The finished area.  I apologize in advance for the clutter in the bar area.  I was prepping to take serving dishes over to Tim’s that day.  I love how cozy this wall feels during the holidays, though.

DSC_0347The dining area was tweaked for the holidays, as well.  I purchased my Christmas tree at Home Depot for a mere $30 and it has held up beautifully, even with Winnie attacking it daily.  Believe it or not, I actually carted that 7 foot monstrosity up two flights of stairs all by myself and set it up.  I am woman, hear me roar.


The bar area looks festive with the lamps I got from Target, paper Christmas trees add just enough holiday cheer.  My new ritual when I have more than hour at home is to light my “Winter” candle from Bath and Body Works that casts a really cool glow onto the wall thanks to the birdcage Tim got me from the Ren Faire.  The scent also fills the house in a matter of minutes.  I highly recommend getting one or at least gifting one.


I am currently working on this year’s ornament from the tree stump, but here is last year’s from our first Christmas together.  It’s amazing how fast a year goes by.

Again, I told you these pictures were taken a few weeks ago.  Sunday night, Tim and I were at his house decorating for Christmas Eve with his family, and he realized that we just didn’t have a ton to make the house more festive.  So Monday, I brought some of my things over and we went to town.  The house now looks like a Winter Wonderland, but he wants to keep it under wraps until his family has seen it.  So there will be more holiday decorating photos coming soon.

What is your favorite holiday decoration?


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