Pinning to the Finish Line: The Kitchen

Yesterday I spoke of my goals for the next year.  One of these goals is to move my location finally, since I have been talking about it for the past two.  The Treehouse has a few more big updates for me to tackle so I can get the house on the market and begin in a new home that needs some love.  I have been on Pinterest for the past month or so, pinning like a maniac for ideas to maximize my budget and make my house look showroom perfect.


The biggest project of the year is going to be, of course, the kitchen.  It’s functional now, but I want to maximize storage and make the cabinets look a little more custom than the straight of the factory look they are sporting.

Photo Courtesy of

Photo Courtesy of

First thing’s first, I am finally taking out my peg board pan wrack and replacing it with streamlined shelves for displaying dishes.  The pots and pans on the wall have begun to look really cluttered and I would love to open up the space over the countertops.

Photo Courtesy of

Photo Courtesy of

Speaking of countertops, the old chipped countertops are going to come out and be replaced with a dark color or butcher block.  The link above includes a tutorial on adding custom butcher block countertops for only $100!  It’s pretty sweet and easy.  And I love how gorgeous these counter tops are.  The link to the gorgeous trim is also attached to this pin.  Bye bye stock cabinets!


Photo Courtesy of

Since I have moved in, I have always wanted a wine rack for the kitchen.  This year, it’s going to happen!  The Perfekt wine holder from IKEA has been hacked in this pin to create a gorgeous built-in wine cabinet.  Not only does it add extra storage but it adds a level of sophistication to the kitchen.  I am making this kitchen grow up a little bit.


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I am adding a base cabinet as well as a full pantry cabinet which means that I can finally open up some of my cabinet doors and have display space in the kitchen.  I love open cabinets because it makes everything more open, airy, and adds visual interest to the room itself.  Sure you can look at cabinet fronts, but isn’t it great to have that space to show off cookbooks or store shopping bags discreetly instead of piling everything up over the fridge which is what I have been doing…


I love my coffee bar, so very much.  I visit it every day, sometimes more than once but I haven’t done enough to make the space work efficiently.  I have filled up the wall with posters and pictures, but perspective buyers aren’t going to need to see that.  They need to see that the Treehouse is much like the TARDIS.  It looks small on the outside but is so much bigger on the inside with more than enough storage space for at least two people, maybe three, four, or five.  I have heard there is a family of five living quite comfortably in the 2 BR/1 BA condos here.  Seriously.  But I digress, so a pin to maximize my coffee bar area.

Photo Courtesy of The Cream to My Coffee

Photo Courtesy of The Cream to My Coffee

Simply adding shelves above the coffee bar area and a few hooks will allow me to hang and display my coffee mugs, which means, you guessed it, more space in my cabinets.  And the other side of the shelves can be used for artwork.

That’s where I am starting in the kitchen.  Of course, getting in a new sink and updating appliances is in order, but the pins for those can be found on my Pinterest Board: Kitchen.



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