Pinning to the Finish Line: The Hallway

Ever sine I moved into The Treehouse, I haven’t so much as lifted a finger to do anything to my little hallway.  It’s a little bit difficult with very little wall space, so most ideas I’ve had have been put on the back burner until I move into a home that has an actual hall space.  But just because it is small doesn’t mean I can’t pump it up a bit with a little style.

008Especially when it comes to the only closet I have in the house for organizing my tools and gift wrap.  This hall is on it’s way to being punched up a notch thanks to some creative pins I have stumbled upon.

072913193230Behind this door that needs new hardware is a scary sight.  Prepare yourselves…


A few years ago, this was alright for a giftwrapping station.  But lately, everything has been coming apart and nothing is really staying in the places it should be.  Not to mention, it’s just not done effectively and the presentation is off.  Having an entire system for gift wrapping and a few of my tools will definitely open up the space in my hall closet.

122713092104This happens about once a year.  And rightfully so.  The closet becomes cluttered with trappings throughout the year. It is high time to get this baby organized and looking like a closet instead of a black hole in which I can’t find a thing.

Photo Courtesy of

Photo Courtesy of

This is a vast improvement over what I currently have.  With the system actually installed, nothing will fall away and I will have more than enough room to really tackle my storage issues.


Photo Courtesy of

The inside of the hall closet needs some major work, not just with organizing but with the color.  Years of storage have led to nothing but scrapes and scratches.  Painting the inside would make it look brand new and the contrast would be beautiful.


Photo Courtesy of

I am a sucker for organization bins.  This gives great ideas for tool storage as well as craft supply storage.  I am itching to do this thing now.

Photo Courtesy of

Photo Courtesy of

Since my hallway is so small, I feel it would be quite easy to do a batten job along with a pretty stenciled pattern to make the space look like it’s meant to be there and not just a little dark passageway.  Using molding will really make the space look gorgeous.


Photo Courtesy of

And speaking of dark, the hallway has had the same drab lighting since it was built.  Tim bought me a beautiful bird cage that I intend to turn into a light fixture for the hall.

I have quite a weekend ahead of me.  I am not entirely sure where to start.  Should I begin my kitchen renovation or start cleaning out my hall closet?  Hmmmmm….decisions, decisions…comment below.  And for more home ideas, visit my Pinterest Board!



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