Raising the Bar Coffee Bar

It’s Monday and nothing adds more fortitude to my soul than getting a humongous cup of coffee in me after a hard workout.  Problem was that before Saturday, everything was cluttered on my coffee bar and I had to walk all over the kitchen just to make a cup.

SAM_1354My old vanity that I had spruced up to become the coffee bar wasn’t really grounded (aha get it) either.  It looked out of place and I felt like I could have just taken it or left it as far as furniture goes.

I went to Home Depot and purchased a shelf system and a few cup hooks to make this little coffee spot into a gourmet coffee oasis.

122813094031Hanging the first shelf was pretty simple.  I laid the shelf flush against the wall (as shown above) at the height I wanted it to be and marked where the brackets would be placed just under it.  I used a level to make sure that I wouldn’t have anything rolling off afterwards and marked my spots with a colored pencil.  I then put the shelf on the floor and positioned the brackets and marked where the holes for the screws would be drilled in.  Once the holes were made, I inserted wall anchors and then permanently screwed in the brackets.  First shelf done.

122813095619The second shelf went up the same way as the first but it proved to be a challenge with me be so short.  Thank goodness for stools.  🙂

Once I was sure the shelves were level, the fun really began.  I got my cup hooks out and marked where I wanted my mugs to hang.  Getting the cup screws in was pretty hard.  The shelf is made out of composite board and felt harder than wood.  I hammered the hooks in and once they were in the board, I was able to twist them into the wood.  My hands got tired after a while, I used a screwdriver to twist for me.  I also used the screwdriver to widen out the hooks so the mugs would hang easily.

122813102945Once that was done, I wiped down the shelves and placed them on top of the brackets.  Finally, I was able to hang the coffee mugs so I don’t have to walk to my cabinets anymore to retrieve them.  And they make a pretty sweet display, as well.

122813105431I placed my coffee fixings up on the shelves as well so they are easy to get first thing in the morning, and I was finished!

122813105454With all the extra space on the actual bar area, I was able to bring my wine fridge out of exile from the counter and set it next to my Keurich.  Oh, how pretty.

122813105556Now I have a grounded, perfect place to make my coffee in the morning!  I think I am going to make myself another cup of coffee now.  Who wants one?


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