January Challenges

The New Year has begun and it seems to have breathed fresh life into me and Tim, despite the fact that it’s currently dead and rainy/snowy outside.  Tim and I got into his attic over the weekend, cleared out quite a bit and stored things away in a more organized manner.  He even re purposed the “kids room” at his house into a comfy den for himself.

denAnd it really is that level of comfy.  We have a room we can have television and game time in without having to mess up his bedroom now.  Pretty sweet.

I told myself that 2014 was going to be a big year, but I can’t just sit back and let these things happen.  I have to get out there and make them happen.  I signed up for two challenges this month.  The first being a fitness challenge to exercise for 2,000 minutes this month.  That’s 66 minutes a day for 7 days or 75 minutes a day for 6 days a week.  It’s quite a lot and I have been slacking off in the fitness department.  So far, I am clocking some time, here.  I am 1/10 of the way through and I am working through my first week’s soreness.  I haven’t prepared myself for not making the goal, I am just DOING it.  Having something that is keeping me accountable is calling me to action to perform, not just plan.  Want to join up?  Follow the link for more information.  There are different challenges here.

The other challenge is through Apartment Therapy.  It is called the January Cure and it is also a call to action to organize and infuse creativity into my living space.  After all the decorations from Christmas are down, my home just seems a little bit more empty and even a little bit sadder.  With this challenge, I am able to focus on making my home a better place.

The first day of the challenge is to make a short project list for the month.  I had to go from room to room to just write down a simple list of home improvement projects I wanted to tackle this month.  I am not allowed to get started until the plan says so.  This helps me from getting burned out too quickly and then I lose the ability to complete any of the projects.



  • Put up the birdcage light fixture
  • Clean and paint the hall doors
  • Call an appliance repairman to take care of my dryer so I don’t have to haul my clothes to my parent’s or Tim’s anymore


  • Organize my sink storage
  • Plan the linen shelf project

Porches Front and Back

  • Add updated light fixtures

Living Room

  • Paint front door
  • Organize my bar area
  • Clean fan
  • Stop the door from sticking out to the screened porch


  • Sell my kitchen island cart
  • Clean out my cabinets
  • Clean out my fridge
  • Clean all my appliances
  • Paint the fridge to match my all black appliances
  • Clean fan

Master Bedroom

  • Declutter my closet
  • Insulate my attic space
  • Clean fan

Guest Room

  • Put a screen over the window
  • Paint the ceiling

That’s where I am beginning.  Today I also have to buy flowers for the Treehouse and get some green cleaners in the house instead of the toxic ones.  I vacuumed the floors yesterday since I dragged the Christmas tree out so I have one task done.  Feeling good!  About to get my day started, so here we go!

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