Apartment Therapy Week One: Bones

The word “bones” is a little daunting, but when it comes to living in a condo, it has nothing to do with the number of skeletons in your closet.  In Apartment Therapy the author discusses how your home is a living, breathing organism, and like anything can get sick, overweight, and less lively.  As a living organism, it is comprised of different parts: bones, breath, heart and mind.  Today I am going to discuss the Bones of the home or more like the actual structural part of the dwelling.

Everyone has heard the phrase “This house has good bones,” meaning the house has a good, solid foundation, sturdy walls, and a great base on which to build upon.  Through a questionnaire in the Apartment Therapy book, I found out for the past few years, I had been out of balance when it came to my home.  I was a perfect score on the heart part of the home and barely missed anything in the head and breath categories.  What I was seriously lacking in was the “bones” part of my home.  I was so busy coming up with quick fixes to make my home feel more appealing, I was letting the structure and integrity of my home go by the wayside.

I had a dryer that wasn’t working so I would just take my clothes over to Tim’s or my parent’s house instead.  I spent the money that I should have been investing in having my dryer repaired on paint and more stuff for the condo.  Not a bad thing, but because I was ignoring the base of my home, I was inconveniencing not only myself but the people around me.  I was actually shocked at finding out that I was neglecting my home in a sense, since I pride myself on being a pretty decent homeowner.  But once the realization dawned on me, I knew something had to be done.  So I chose to commit to my home.

For the “Bones” part of this week, I was only charged with two tasks:

  • Make a complete list of home repairs and solutions.
  • Vacuum and mop the floors.

I walked through my home on Sunday morning, and made a quick list of the things that were bothering me most with my home.

011414075129In the kitchen, I have German cockroaches.  Yes, it’s disgusting.  Yes, I truly thought that Raid would have wiped them out by now.  But it became painfully clear that I was buying cans upon cans of bug spray and I am pretty sure it was just feeding them and making them stronger like some whacked-out bug fertilizer.  So, Monday morning I called in the bad boys:  Hardin Pest Control.  They set the appointment and even knocked a few bucks off since I live on the second floor and in a smaller house than they were expecting.  They also will come back and spray for free if I continue to see the six legged freaks coming out of the crannies.  But now I am also on a treatment plan for a great price.  No more buggies!

The front porch light has been out since the HOA hired some yahoos to paint my condo’s exterior and they knocked out my light bulb.  It was a little treacherous getting up the stairs to my house at night. Easy fix, really inexpensive but I was slacking off, focusing on other projects.  Seriously took me five seconds, and I am basking in the warm glow of success and one bright night light.

My dryer has been on the fritz since I believe October.  I am pretty sure Winnie has never heard it before, which is why she flipped out yesterday when the repairman with Pleazer Appliance Repair turned it on.  It all began four years ago when the dryer began to squeak.  I really should have called appliance repair sooner because that was the belt breaking.  But then it stopped actually drying my clothes, meaning the blower for the heating element was dead.  I still refused to fix it, thinking it was going to cost significant money and time.  But for an hour’s work, diagnostic fee, and parts, I was well below my budget.  If I had just dealt with the repair years ago, maybe the fix would have been even less expensive.  Either way, last night I got to enjoy doing laundry in my home once more, and I celebrated by wrapping myself up in a warm towel.  You’re welcome.  towel


Now, for the rest of the week/month I have a few more goals to conquer.  I am dedicated to finishing this list before I begin the “big project” that is covered during the eight weeks.


I have been talking about painting my hallway, but maybe the need to paint is just a bandaid for what really needed to be done: a good patching.  The picture above is the worst of the scuffs and holes in the hall walls.  This was left after the HVAC repairman came through a few months ago, and it truly has been bugging me.


Some nights, I catch myself looking up at the ceiling and this is what I see.  Ugh!  You don’t know how dirty a place gets over time until you open your eyes and just see it staring at you.  An easy fix, but I have been “too busy” taking care of other things, that I could be potentially causing myself serious sickness in the future from just not cleaning my ceiling fans.

011414075142This is by far the absolute worst.  An old water stain that has been glaring at me during my morning workouts.  It’s hard for me to focus on contracting my abs when all I can do is stare at that monstrosity.  It’s going to take a good bit of time, but not a lot of money for me to paint the ceiling in the guest bedroom.  But if I want to regain some of my Zen during my workouts, it has to be done.

There are multiple more projects to be done, but this week’s projects are just the stepping stone and getting into the habit of taking true care of my house.

In a matter of days, I have found myself feeling less restless about the Treehouse and actually enjoying it more, even though I haven’t done a lot to alter it.  By giving it a good, deep cleaning (which took two hours to straighten up, vacuum, mop, and clean the bathroom) I have found myself less given to just leaving things around the house.  Instead, I clean the dishes immediately after using them, setting out my clothes for the next day, and going to bed with a more peaceful mindset, which in turn, allows me to sleep deeper and longer.  I have a spring in my step.  I feel empowered.  In the book, Maxwell (the author) states that when your home is in order, the rest of your life falls into place as well.  It’s awesome.

Want to join me?  Check out the rest of my Apartment Therapy series in the Apartment Therapy challenge category.  Want to really immerse yourself in the challenge?  Buy the book!  It is well worth the money, and I am just a week in.


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