Apartment Therapy Week One: Breath

Your home breathes, too.  Did you know that? I sure didn’t.  Well, okay it doesn’t really breathe but the flow of your home, how furniture is arranged, how you store your belongings impacts how you feel as you walk around and go about your day.  Rooms that have bad flow and are overly cluttered with belongings tend to make you feel anxious.  Your home has to breathe to thrive.

This week’s assignment for breath is to find one item in your house that you don’t use anymore but still has some major emotional attachment to you, and take it outside to offer up to the world.  Just passing it on to a new owner and giving it away.  I have mentioned a few times how the Bermuda Triangle that is the community dump works.  You place an item there and within minutes, it’s gone.  It’s pretty darn magical.

A big gripe that I have about my home is that the kitchen feels cluttered.  So I chose an item from that room to give back to the world for the health of my home.  Which item did I choose?  A simple TV lap tray.  I bought it at IKEA last year to make meals easier to carry into the living room where I usually eat on the couch when I have my “me nights.”  Lately it has just been sitting on the cabinets in my kitchen, taking up space and collecting dust.  But still I decided to keep it because I thought I could make something pretty with it.  Plus, in catalogs everyone seems to have one: sitting on the bed with flowers, pancakes, and a cup of coffee for the traditional breakfast in bed kind of feel.  But the truth is, I never have breakfast in bed.  The idea, though quaint and adorable is really kind of gross for me.  I don’t really like to eat where I sleep.  The crumbs get into the sheets, and if I spill food those stains just stay on my comforter.  So along with giving up my little tray, I am giving up the extra clutter of making my life something it isn’t as well.  The kind of life where I get to enjoy breakfast in bed.

011614081429Bye bye TV tray.

Once that was out of the house, it empowered me to get rid of a few other items of mine.  This will be covered in Week 2, but I will introduce to you my home’s out box.  The out box is a place where you have to keep your emotionally attached but unused items for a week to figure out if you are going to keep them and use them (really use them), sell them, or give them away.

011414213126It’s beginning to get a little full here, but I still have more to do.  But that will be covered next week and in more depth.  Once these items are cleared from my home, my house will have a better flow, and it will breathe more efficiently.  And my kitchen is already beginning to open up more from just removing one item.

So, I am pretty sure all of you have one item that has been collecting dust in your home.  I invite you to do the same thing I have done. Find one item that you haven’t used but has some significance to you, and offer it up to the world by taking it outside.  Someone might find value in it, and take it home for themselves.  It’s like giving an anonymous gift to your neighbors.


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