Apartment Therapy Week One: Heart

The heart of the home is the style of the home, the little touches that give it personality.  When style is not defined in the home, it begins to lack personality and feel less “homey.”

This week’s assignment is so simple but I rarely see people do this exercise weekly in their home.  Purchasing fresh flowers weekly is an inexpensive way to add some flair to your home.  Even in the dead of winter when there is nothing growing outside, my house feels warmer and more inviting just by the simple addition of flowers.

flowers2I purchased these bright blooms from Food Lion this week and placed them on the dining area table.  Do they really pop out and kind of clash with the color scheme I have going on?  Yeah, but they’re still pretty.  Having flowers in the house also gives me ideas for color combinations and is an easy way to introduce new hues into my color scheme.

flowercollageBelieve it or not, these daisies were bought at Wal-Mart almost two weeks ago when I began this challenge, and they are still gorgeous.  Whenever it was time for me to get new blooms for the week, I split these up and put them in separate rooms.

So, while you’re on your way home tonight, be sure to stop by the store and buy yourself some flowers.  Well, it’s more like you’re giving your home a gift that will make you feel good, too.


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