Apartment Therapy Week One in Review

As Tim and I were once again in the check out line at Wal-Mart doing our weekly grocery shopping, I looked over at him and mused at how fast a week goes by.  While in the thick of it, it seemed to drag on and on.  But when I look back on it, it really just flew.

This week was my first week on the Apartment Therapy Challenge.  I had to tackle certain tasks at home, and a few of them actually made it to the blog.  The rest I will review here.

For Week One: Bones I had to make a repair list and clean up my house.  Surprisingly enough, a week later, it is still pretty clean.

011414075129For Week One: Breath, I had to remove one item that I hardly ever use but still has some personal value from my home and send it out into the world.  For me, that was relatively new, but rarely used television tray.

011614081429Week One: Heart I only had to invest in flowers.  Yes, it was that simple.  A weekly fix that costs less than $5 and brightens up your home in seconds.

flowercollageWhen referring to the “head” of the home, I don’t mean who is in charge of the household.  The “head” of your home is actually the reasoning behind it, and the purpose of each room.  For this week’s assignment, I turned my attention to one room that has more than one purpose: my guest room.  My guest room functions as a guest room, the cat room, my home gym, and my home office.  Despite the multiple uses, the way that the room is presented lacks purpose.  And it bothers me quite a bit every time I walk into the room.

This week, I had to sit in the room for 10 minutes in a spot in which I never sit.  I chose the wall next to the closet in the guest room.  As I sat there, I simply had to turn off everything and look at the room.  With so many purposes, I had never really nailed down a theme for the room, either.  Can a room have many uses but have one come to the forefront?  As I sat there, I asked myself what bothered me most about the room.  First off, the clutter.  Then came the mismatched artwork and paint color.  But the thing that bothered me most was that this room lacked a main purpose.  When I moved in, 5 years ago, I wanted that room to be the room where my friends and family could crash for the night and wake up well rested in the morning.  Despite my efforts, it does not have that bed and breakfast feel.  The main way to do that is to hide away the additional uses for the room when I am not in it, such as closing my closet doors to my home office or storing my weights away.  Practicing this exercise helps me pin point the little things in the room that are bothering me until I only need to tweak little things, and not uproot the entire room.

Not so bad for the first week.  This week is hopefully going to be easier to manage now that I am getting in the “groove” of things.

What have you learned this week from employing the tips from the Apartment Therapy 8 Week Cure?


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