Apartment Therapy Week One: One Room Remedy

It’s no big secret that my kitchen really hasn’t gotten much TLC in the past few years.  Once I took out the mirror and painted, I was okay with how it looked but knew that I was one day going to fix it.  DSC_0568

In addition to The Apartment Therapy Cure, I also have an extra assignment just for kicks called the One-Room Remedy where I focus on one room for the next eight weeks and give it somewhat of an overhaul that is planned out so well step-wise, I don’t feel overwhelmed.

This week’s assignments:

  • Choose One Room.  Obviously, the kitchen.  It has been bothering me for quite some time, and I promised myself when I moved in that I would have my dream kitchen (within reason) before I moved.  This is the perfect opportunity to dig in and finally get moving on this in time to truly enjoy it.
  • Gather pictures of rooms you love.  This one task was easy.  You know I am a Pinterest fiend.  I created a secret pin board online and consolidated a few of my favorite kitchen pins.  Like this one, for example, with open shelving.
Photo Courtesy of ApartmentTherapy.com

Photo Courtesy of ApartmentTherapy.com

Then there’s the wine rack I have always wanted but never had the guts to add in to the kitchen.  This one is inexpensive and fast to install.

Image Courtesy of IKEAHackers.net

Image Courtesy of IKEAHackers.net

I am also sick of the fan in my kitchen.  It is old and absolutely worn out so I could really use a new light fixture…

Image Courtesy of Home Chic House

Image Courtesy of Home Chic House

While I am working on the cabinets, maybe painting at least half of them a new color?

Image Courtesy of issuu.com

Image Courtesy of issuu.com

And it is time to rip out my peg board pot rack and put in some grown up shelves for storing dishes and cookbooks…I would love to put them on display instead of stuffing them over the fridge.

Image Courtesy of ApartmentTherapy.com

Image Courtesy of ApartmentTherapy.com

Speaking of, I also want to consolidate everything that has piled up over the fridge.  Too many shopping bags fall on my head when I am getting my coffee creamer in the morning.


Image Courtesy of Pinteret

Image Courtesy of Pinterest

  • Start a style tray.  I do believe that this book was published before the birth of Pinterest but the idea is basically the same.  Put all of your ideas for your room together so you can look at everything at once.  Of course, not all of the ideas you come up with will make it into the final design, but having everything together will help streamline the style instead of creating a room that has a jumbled mess of style ideas.
  • Visit your favorite home store.  Tim and I visited IKEA this week, and while I am not a big fan of their furniture, I do love how they put everything together in a room.  Seeing ideas in action, being able to touch and feel fabrics, and seeing in real time how everything is done makes it easier to see if your style choices are going to work out well.


This was by far my favorite kitchen display.  The grey was warm and inviting…I also liked the open shelving concept.011814140223

I don’t know what it is about chalkboard but this wall inspired me to add some chalkboard element to my kitchen…


I love the hardware in this kitchen, as well.  The sleek black goes great with the grey.


This display showed me that if I choose to go with open cabinets in my kitchen, it looks gorgeous with some lighting and even the glass shelves add a touch of sophistication. This would be great for storing my glasses and dishes.


I really liked this shelf but I liked how the designers chose to display items.  I am good with ideas but I needed something that shows off the execution, as well.


I am not totally sold on this yet, but maybe instead of building in a wine rack, I simply add one to my bar area in the living room.


A different bracket for a different shelf.  In the end, I chose a simpler kind of bracket.  Sometimes you can find ideas that you are not a big fan of either, like two toned shelf and brackets.


This is great for over the sink, and I took this more for Tim than me.  The dish basket hangs on the wall so that the dishes can dry over the counter.


Another picture of how to display items in your kitchen.  The main theme I noticed about IKEA displays in kitchens: don’t display your food.  Hide that away.


This is great for putting things often used away like glasses.  I was thinking about maybe adding this right next to my sink.  Something to think about…


I needed a shot of how to combine closed cabinets with the open cabinets.  There has to be a delicate balance or else it looks like I just got lazy and decided not to put the doors back on.

011814145704My idea for the new addition to my kitchen in play!  A wine rack, and pull out drawers for storing pots and pans away.  I even loved the shelving so much, I ended up purchasing a similar shelf and bracket.

  • Set your budget.  When I began renovating my house, I should have begun saving up for my kitchen upgrade right away.  In Apartment Therapy, Maxwell believes that the budget for a kitchen renovation is somewhere between $10,000 and $25,000!  However, when you bought your house for about twice of that amount, it’s hard to swallow wanting to pay that much for something that you know you’re not going to get a big return on.  So I have actually set my kitchen renovation budget at $2000 and will be reusing a lot of the elements such as appliances and cabinets while incorporating new elements of counter tops and new cabinets.  There will be a lot of painting involved to make it look cohesive.  Sure, I could just rip everything out and start all over, but there are certain things I love about my kitchen that don’t need to be changed.  This is also making my renovation more realistic and easier to tackle on my own.  I will only have to hire someone out to install the counter tops for me, and I already know that is going to take a big part of my budget at $750, depending on what counter top I choose.

Do you have a room in your house that you are just itching to fix?  Join me in the cure today!  And be sure to chronicle your home improvement adventure.


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