Apartment Therapy Week Two: Bones

This week is dedicated to digging a little deeper into my home.  The assignments are relatively simple, but they were majorly time consuming.  “Declutter” is the word of the week, I am guessing since I have already cleaned out my kitchen and I have moved several items to my ever-growing Outbox.

The Bones Assignments for Week Two:

  • Fix one thing in your apartment your self.  This assignment was easy peasy and cost me about $1.50.  Yet, somehow I put it off for so long, it became a huge burden and soon enough, I was fighting with it everyday.  What am I talking about?  The sliding glass door out to my screened porch.  Every morning when I go outside to have my coffee and commune with nature, I would have to fight that darn thing.  All it took was a little WD-40 and poof!  The door was fixed!  It makes it so much easier to enjoy the outdoors and let my cats out so they can have their time, too.  I have been going through a lot of fixing things, and sadly I can’t keep up with the momentum on my blog the way I am in real life.
  • Clean your kitchen from top to bottom and throw out old food.  I got a jump on this last week when the exterminator came out and requested I remove everything from the inside.  That doesn’t mean that my kitchen wasn’t any easier to clean.  I tackled:
  1. The counters
  2. Cabinets
  3. Refrigerator
  4. Floor
  5. Microwave

KitchenBefore   The entire process took me about 4 hours, from the time I got home from the DMV with Tim to about an hour ago.  I removed the shelf liner from the shelves, cleaned the shelves and put them back…but not before experimenting with my open shelving concept.

DSCN2239It’s just an idea for now, with the doors resting with the screws in the guest room Outbox. I am going to keep it that way for about a week and revisit it next week.  If I think it looks cool, I will keep them that way.  If it’s too awkward, I will just put the doors back on.

DSCN2238Here is a picture of the other shelf three doors down (yep, I went there).  I am also thinking about taking the end door off just so everything balances out.  And yes, I took down the pegboard pot rack and began patching up the wall.  This is going to be a long project because there is going to have to be some painting involved.  I thought I had some touch-up paint in my hall closet but I guessed I used it all up on my home office project last year.  Rats!  However, this gives me an opportunity to experiment with new paint colors in the kitchen…

DSCN2242Sometimes during a renovation, you take the easy route and paint around the big stuff.  That’s what my kitchen used to be painted.

DSCN2241I must say that the open cabinets are growing on me.  I am not a fan of the faux wood on the back and shelves but that’s what paint is for, right?

DSCN2240My refrigerator is so clean, I could eat off of it!  You know it’s getting dirty when you can’t see what food you have through glass.  It’s shameful.  I personally hate cleaning out my fridge, but I am more than happy that I did.  I used a green cleaner for the kitchen.  Cleans great, doesn’t smell as strong, and is non-toxic so it’s safe for me and the cats.

  • Buy a water filter and use it.  I am a PUR girl, and was one step ahead on this one.  I recently bought a water filter a few weeks ago.  City of Rock Hill water is good, I’m sure, but I would rather have the peace of mind knowing that at least some of the bad stuff is filtered out before I drink it.

Join me in my Eight Week Apartment Therapy Cure!  Check out the Pinterest board or follow the updates in the Apartment Therapy Challenge 2014 Category.


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