Apartment Therapy Week Three: Bones

Welcome back, everyone.  I have missed my Apartment Therapy update for the last week.  Things have been pretty crazy around here, lately, and it all started the day after Tim and I got back from Hilton Head for m birthday.  It’s only been about two weeks since then, but it feels like so much longer.  I have hit a little bit of a pop up in business, so I have been working with my clients at all hours, which is awesome but I have been going to bed at 9 every night.  Also, Tim and I are attempting to nurse his dog Ringo back to health.  Ringo is just a puppy at 14 years old but he has been having some major seizures lately, and we finally had to take him to the vet last Tuesday.  We have him on meds, and he is “seizure free” for right now, but we are still awaiting the results from the test.  Pray that all goes well.  We love our Ringo Patingo.


Look at our handsome bubby

Each week of the Apartment Therapy 8 week challenge has been something new, and for some reason, this week’s challenges have been the most simple to complete on paper but in practice have been tedious.  I blame it on doing more researching than actual doing.  That is a part of the challenge: a lot of it you just want to dive in and do but you have to pace yourself and go through the directions.  They are there for a reason…I guess…ah, well, blind acceptance is okay, too.

Week Three Bones Tasks

  • Vacuum, dust, and mop (wet or dry) throughout your home.  See, that’s what stinks about living somewhere…you’re constantly bringing in dirt, leaves, and all manner of nasty crud into the house.  But I bet you noticed that this time around it was easier cleaning up than the first time.  Since the challenge has begun, I have found it more fun to keep the house clean.  Yes, I am Danny Tanner. Before the challenge started, it took me about 2 hours to clean the entire condo.  Now it only takes me a half hour to an hour.
  • Clean your entrance and any related closets. This is the week of the Landing Strip, which is the entrance of the home.  I did a bit of repair and clean up in this area.  The coat hanger next to the door was actually coming out of the wall from how many times Winnie was jumping and pulling at it.  So I added some Gorilla Glue to the set up, and it’s holding up nicely.  I also did it a huge favor by cleaning out some of my winter coats and organizing all my scarves.  DSCN2256The thing about this week is that I have a pretty clean entrance already. My Post box that I made last year stays pretty empty and I have my keys and hats hanging up so I never am scrambling around in the morning asking myself “Where the heck are my keys?” like a mad woman.  But I did dust the Post box as well as the sweet cross stitch my Nana made. And, yes, I have magnetic hooks for my hats so I can have a place to put my name tag at the end of the day.DSCN2257
  • Arrange to have all repairs taken care of in the next three weeks. I still have three more original repairs that I need to take care of:  the water stains on the ceiling in the guest bedroom, the hallway walls need to be patched and painted, and I need to clean the ceiling fans.  All in all, not humongous projects but finding the time to do them, and even remembering to do them has been a problem.  The key to this is to get a planner and put them in there so you a. don’t forget and b. you make the time to make the repair.  Well, I have five minutes…I think I will go patch up the wall in the hallway.  Have a great day and see you tomorrow.

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