Snowpocolyse 2014 A Recap

ermagerdIt’s been a relaxing last few days here at Tim’s house.  However, I don’t think anyone expected this dusting of snow to go full-blown blizzard on us.  It began Tuesday morning as I was driving in to my meeting at Allen Tate and continued on through the day.  By the end of it, that dusting had become two inches of snow.  Tim and I went out Tuesday afternoon and visited mom before heading over to the grocery store to get provisions.  Just enough for a day or two since the snow was supposed to be moving out by Wednesday evening.  Were we wrong.


On Wednesday, another 4-6 inches dropped from the sky along with sleet, creating a nice thick sheet of ice over everything in creation.  Accepting my fate, I laid on the couch pretty much all day watching Lord of the Rings and the Kickass movies.  Tim and I are not really snow people.  I love snow because it means I get to stay in and rest for once, but I am not a big fan of cold.  Never have been.  With rumors of power outages flying, we hooked up our devices and cranked up the fireplace.  And then we got stupid bored.  After a day of watching movies, it was time to do something fun.  Some people reach for board games in times like this but not us.  We took to Tim’s closet and played dress up instead.  Funny thing?  His idea, not mine.  But the man comes up with some great ideas.

tux5Tim has this really loud orange tuxedo that he bought for Halloween a few years back, and he has told me it is the most comfortable thing he has ever worn.  So I took it out of the closet and for a spin.  He was right.  It also made me feel very dapper.  And yes, that is dippity do hair gel in my hair.  Took way longer than expected to wash it out the next day.  That stuff holds, guys.

tim1Tim has great style, doesn’t he?  I have no idea how he put this ensemble together, but he pulls it off well.  My mom called the next day and asked if we had done this a while back.  “Nope,” I replied. “We just got bored.”  After our little photo shoot, I decided to go make a snow angel.  I was going to take a polar plunge on my birthday at Hilton Head but getting to the ocean was way too tedious for me.  I just had a hoodie and jeans on to make it, plopped down in the snow and began to feel the freeze inch around me.  I was screaming at Tim to hurry up and take the picture but the lens had fogged up.  So I said forget about it and ran inside to the fire like I had been out in the arctic tundra for days.

snow4After the antics, we settled in for our own little karaoke show since Tim’s show was cancelled Wednesday night.  We worked on “Baby It’s Cold Outside” until the wee hours of the morning.  It has taken us two winters to get it right, but we finally did.  Huzzah!  That will be posted soon.  I passed out around 2 AM and dreamed of getting out of the house a little on Thursday.

Thursday morning came, and Tim woke me up nice and early to inform me that it had begun snowing again.  Seriously?  Geez.  Here’s the thing about Southerners and snow.  We can take it for maybe a day or two but any more than that, and we begin to go insane.  Mainly because we can’t really go anywhere.  The South is not equipped to handle snow, especially one like this.  It’s been about 10 years since it’s snowed like this.  It was fun and welcome for Tuesday and Wednesday, but when you wake up to snow on Thursday when it is supposed to be done, you throw your hands up in the air and yell “All right, already!”

snowmageddonThis was our street yesterday morning. There was no road at all.  And it looked like there was no end in sight.  We had gotten lucky with the power outages, but I had left my cats at home with enough food and water for a few days but I was still worried sick about them.  Originally I wanted to bring them over, but I was worried about how they would respond to Ringo who is not in the best of health right now.  I didn’t want to stress him out, so I decided to leave them at home with the heat on.  It was now Thursday and I had no way to get to my babies.  We attempted shoveling out my car, but the snow kept falling and freezing.  There was no way of getting out of the driveway.  So we went back inside and waited it out until praise the Lord, the sun came out.  I pulled on my rain boots and began shoveling like a mad woman so that I could get my car out.  Around this time, a few of our neighbors were doing the same thing and we all slowly inched our way out of the neighborhood.  Tim was driving since he’s the New Yorker but we still hit a few snags here and there, thankfully not on the main roads.  We had to park at the bottom of the road in front of my condo because the road was too iced over to pull in.  I hiked to the condo, fed and nuzzled my babies, and then came back to the car where Tim was waiting.  And that’s when we got stuck.  It took about three minutes to maneuver all the ice that had packed around the car, but we finally got out and to the store.

Things were pretty good there, but a lot of people had ventured out to get food because, like us, not many people were prepared for a storm of this magnitude.  We got our groceries and bailed before being stuck behind some idiot in a suburban who was barreling through the snow at speed limit like it was a sunny day.  He was swerving everywhere but didn’t seem to be letting up on the gas at all.  Tim says the key to driving in the snow is to coast at well below the speed limit, pump the breaks a little to slow down gradually, but avoid stopping if at all possible, especially on hills.  Obviously, this guy had no idea what he was doing and that scared the mess out of both of us.  But we made it back safe and sound.

Today the snow is melting, and thankfully so.  Next weekend it’s supposed to be picnic weather, a warm 73 degrees.  That’s the South for you.  I have learned quite a bit from this experience, though, and I am documenting everything just in case this happens next year.

1.  The milk and bread thing is a joke here in the South but everyone does it.  And it finally dawned on me why.  We were close to running out of milk yesterday and had to pick up another gallon.  If we were stuck inside any longer, a good bit of cooking we could do would be done.  So two gallons of milk next time.

2.  If I have to stay with Tim again, bring a week’s worth of clothes, not just two days.

3.  Bring the cats along, too in case there is a power outage. If there was one, I was going to get them regardless of the roads, and I can’t say that we would have made it as well as we did yesterday.

4.  Board game stock up to prevent boredom.

5.  Have water on hand in case the pipes freeze up.

What were your snow days like?  Did you have enough food?  Were you prepared for a power outage?  Did you stay inside or go out into the Winter Wonderland?


2 thoughts on “Snowpocolyse 2014 A Recap

  1. We were lucky enough that after the two inches on Tuesday, it melted off before it started snowing around 3 p.m. Wednesday and continued until 11 p.m. We ended up with 4-6 inches just Wednesday night! Let’s just say, the roads are now clear on Friday, but my yard is still completely covered with at least 3 inches of snow. My drive way is a terror. I don’t even know how to handle it. Must be that southern quality, for sure! haha! Glad you had fun!

  2. Hi! I am so ready for winter to be over! I live in Maryland and my area got about 15 inches Wednesday night and about 2 or 3 more inches last night. Thankfully it’s melting now since the temperature has warmed up.

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