Apartment Therapy Week Three: Breath, Heart, and Head

I know I am seriously behind, and I am really just going to blame this on the snow.  Because, you know what?  I can!  And also because I was at my sweetheart’s house for a solid four days of last week getting tons of rest which has rejuvenated me to come back stronger than ever.  This week’s assignment was pretty simple since I had done a good bit of decluttering during the Bones portion of the week.


  • Declutter your entrance.  In the Apartment Therapy book, Maxwell requests that during this part, you have to ask yourself: Do you love it?  Do you use it?  Does your home need it?  And everything else that does not pass these tests needs to go in the Outbox.  I tossed some placemats into the Outbox during this part, but the biggest challenge was my music books and CD collection that I inherited from my Papa.  Do I use these things regularly?  No, but I love them so much and I can’t bear to part with them because one day I may need them.
  • Move all old mail, catalogs, and magazines to the Outbox.  This was really easy for me.  I usually sort and trash mail as soon as I come inside.  I  have a system for bills already in place on my dry erase board and anything of true importance goes up on the refrigerator, including save the dates and upcoming bills.
  • Look into what you would need to create a landing strip.  Again, something I already have set up.  Since I cleared off my coat rack, I am able to grab my keys from the hook, throw on a coat and jet off for the day.  When I come home, I put everything back where I found it.  Maxwell does mention having a filter from the outside world added to the Landing Strip.  You need a doormat (to prevent dirt from getting in), a coat hook (for storing your coats, hats, boots, etc.), and an actual Landing Strip (where you can sort your mail, put change away, and any other knick knacks that have been in your pockets all day). He delves a little further into how to sort your mail, but I just take the “Is this important?” approach.  Is it a personal letter?  I keep it and put it somewhere safe so I can look back on it often.  A save the date goes on the fridge until I put it in my calendar and/or the date has passed.  Bills also go on the fridge so I can keep an eye on dates they need to be paid.  Can’t miss a deadline if it is staring you down every morning.
  • Cancel any unused subscriptions.  I really don’t have many magazines that come to me that I don’t like.  Being a DIY person, I subscribe to BHG magazine and HGTV magazine.  Maxwell does recommend that if you get the mail out with a BIG SALE to try to contact the distributor to take you off the list.  Not only does it keep the temptation of buying something you don’t need at bay, it keeps your Landing Strip decluttered.


  • Identify cool rooms and warm rooms.  In the book, Maxwell says that to enhance the flow of your home, you have to have expansion (warm) and contraction (cool) in your color schemes throughout the home.  Cool colors like blues, greens, and grays having a calming effect on you.  Warm colors like reds, yellows, and oranges stimulate the senses. My house’s color scheme looks a little something like this:

Kitchen Warm

Living and Dining Room Cool

Hallway Neutral

Bathroom Cool

Bedroom Warm

Guest Bedroom Warm

Because the living room is cool and the bedrooms are warm, it is probably going to have to end up being neutral color for the hallway to keep the flow going. Nothing too, neutral, though.  I need some character for the hallway, too.

  • Apply the 80/20 Color Rule.  The rule works like this: 80% neutral and 20% strong.  Have you ever been in a strongly colored room and felt a sense of unease?  I do it all the time in potential listings.  Heck, even in my house, the amount of strong color was so loud it was deafening.  You can use a strong color, such as red, to punctuate and embellish through accessories, but use it sparingly.  In the case of strong colors, less is actually more.DSCN1217Need I say more about strong colors?

DSC_0571Neutrals not only make a room seem larger, but they are also more relaxing and “grown up.”


  • Cook two meals at home this week.  Since we were stuck inside, Tim and I did quite a bit of cooking.  I made pancakes each day, and Tuesday night we made a slow cooker Cream Cheese Chicken with Broccoli for date night since we were snowed in and had to miss our schedule date night out.  On Wednesday we simply had leftovers and Thursday night we had spaghetti with Italian sausage.  Sooooo good.  And each meal was cleared off the table and dishes were rinsed and put away in the dishwasher.  Not having to deal with the dishes the next day allowed for more fun things…like watching movies and eating more.  So much food!
  • Design an invitation for your housewarming.  My housewarming is actually going to be commemorating my five year anniversary living in the Treehouse, so I am making it quite the shebang and making invitations special for the occasion and putting them in the mail so they too can go up on people’s refrigerators.  I found this one on Evite.com.  Did you know that they have printable invitations now?  Yeah, seriously!  So I am going to work on something like this and get those bad boys out in the mail by the end of the week.

housewarminginviteFinally pushing through!  I am so ready for week four so I can take on some new tasks.


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