Apartment Therapy Week 3: One Room Remedy

Hello, everyone.  I am back for today.  The selling season has begun, which means that a good portion of my weekends will be given to my clients, and happily so.


I have missed being this kind of busy, but, at the same time, I have really missed my blogging.  So I will post when I can, because I know you like the updates.

Week Three One Room Remedy Tasks

  • Research your shopping list.  I was naughty a few weeks ago, I got a jump start on “researching”, and just went on ahead and purchased a good bit of the items I need for my kitchen renovation.  I have found two different cabinets that are currently in contention for the big pantry position.  The first is a composite utility cabinet which is about 10 inches shorter than the one I was originally looking at, but it certainly has the shelf storage I am looking for.  The other is a great oak cabinet with more height and plenty of space.  The price difference is about $70, so I am still weighing my options.  Even though money is a factor, I also have to look at getting a good return on the investment.

oakpantry whitepantry

Decisions…decisions…I only have about a week left to make that decision, too!  Because I have found my counter tops and they have been ordered and are ready to be installed!!!!! AHHHHHHH!!!!!  Time flies when you’re busy, and I have done absolutely nothing with my kitchen!  Okay, well that’s not completely true.

countertopBut still, I need to hustle!  I have started the top kitchen cabinets and finished them in a weekend.  Yes, I still have oil based primer in my hair.  My clients pointed that out to me this past Saturday while showing them houses.  I laughed and told them, “Look, it just ain’t paintin’ unless you get some of it in your hair.”  It’s the truth.

  • Start a list of proposed interior changes.  As the housewarming date approaches, I am starting to panic a little bit. I already know I am not going to get everything I want done on the house, but I need to knuckle down and fix the things I did set out to fix when I started this project:
  1. Paint the ceiling in the guest room.
  2. Paint the hallway.
  3. Finish the kitchen renovation.
  4. Get the screened porch and garden Spring ready.

I have five weeks to get this all done, and, while it doesn’t seem too crazy, the ceiling painting is going to be a major undertaking that I am not completely looking forward to.  I think I am going to have to plastic wrap that room and myself like I was on an episode of Dexter.

Courtesy of comicsbulletin.com

Courtesy of comicsbulletin.com

Too much?  Maybe…And while I know that the interior is, well, interior, my garden and screened porch are two things I take great pride in.  This past weekend, we actually had a patch of Spring, and I was able to catch a few little flowers beginning to bloom before the Arctic freeze came back through today.  Lord, help me!  The weather needs to make up its mind already!

  • Determine whether window treatments are necessary.  I love cooking in my kitchen, dancing in my kitchen, sometimes walking to the fridge in the middle of the night looking less than presentable (AKA rough).  Guess what?  My neighbors can see that!  Sometimes, I will close my sad excuse for “window treatments” under the assumption that my neighbors can’t see what I am doing on the other side. Yeah…right.  They are sheer panels, and since most of the windows in my house are the windows to the world, I need something a little more substantial, especially since I am changing the color scheme.

DSCN2249They are pretty but they really don’t contribute to the room in any way, so I am seriously considering a replacement is overdue.

So, what have I done with the kitchen?  Well, I took off all the doors, sanded, primed, and painted the upper cabinets, which was quite detrimental to the current counter top.  Good thing I have the new ones ready to go.


They are all smooth and modern now, and I took some time to paint the insides as well for a pop of color.  Oh yeah, you are probably noticing the horrible mess I made by tearing out the old backsplash, too, right?  Yeah…that kind of was a split-second decision that I really am not regretting at all.

DSCN2239The metal backsplash was nice for the kitchen back when it was still in the works, but once I got the new paint color on the walls, it looked seriously out of place.  I am going for a more romantic, mellow style throughout the house and the faux tin back splash just seemeda little too industrial.  I am looking into something like beadboard for the new backsplash or maybe even reclaimed wood…looks like I will be paying a visit to the Habitat Restore soon.



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