A Long Time Coming: Kitchen Renovation Update

This is where I left you so many odd weeks ago.  At this point, I am not even sure how long ago this has been.  Considering that I finished a good part of the kitchen renovation last week, I guess it’s been since what?  February?  Maybe?  Life has picked up significantly around here, just not with work but with EVERYTHING.  Mom and Dad are moving down to Charleston, we are taking on a ton of listings right now, juggling my own listings right now, and Tim’s mom has returned from her stint in the hospital so it’s just been…ugh!  You know what I mean?

I figure this is where I have some major ‘splainin’ to do.  Last week, Tim and I along with his brother-in-law Mike went to Home Depot and finally picked up my kitchen cabinets.  Tim even lovingly assembled my wine cabinet for me. It was chaos for about 10 hours in this kitchen.  Throw in a kitten who couldn’t stay away, and you have yourself painted paw prints all over the house.



I primed the cabinets and since they were unfinished, that part was quite easy. See my awesome pantry and gorgeous base cabinet?  My life was made that day!  Once the primer was dry, I coated with Behr’s Mountain Ridge.  It took two coats but the final product came out great.



Once everything was dry, I set it up along the wall, and thank goodness everything fit.  Winnie, of course was having issues with staying out of the cabinets.  Once that was all done, I got to work on the wall shelves.  Might as well while I have the momentum going, right?


Once I got the shelves up, I gave them a final coat of paint, and then I painted around the wall to touch up spots that obviously needed it in one way or another.


And this is where I am now that the counter tops are due to go in any day now.  My contractor is hung up on a few closing projects, but I am hoping he can come out sooner rather than later.  I am ready to start cooking in this kitchen again.  And yes, that is my sink acting as a counter so Winnie can’t invade the base cabinet.  (sigh)  Any day now…

The cabinets cost me about $650 and delivery (that was almost $50) was free thanks to Mike!  Well worth the investment!


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