Cuttin’ a Rug

It’s been over a week since I uprooted my house and made way for the carpet installers to take out my old carpet and install laminate hardwood floors.  So here’s a little recap for the week that it took me to get this post up.  I am indeed a blogging slacker.

051713171030Once more for posterity, here is my living room before it got turned upside down.  The carpet was highly worn in this area, was coming up in psots and was exhibiting stains and tears.  You can definitely tell when there’s no pretty furniture to distract you from it. No bueno.


The installers arrived promptly at 8 AM last Monday morning and I greeted them at the door in my jim jams with a cup of coffee in my hand looking rather chill.  Little did they know that I had busted my hump for about an hour moving out everything, including Couchy and the humongous dining hutch all by myself. But hey, that’s how I roll.  I pull off looking cool and fresh right after breaking a mad sweat very well.   Spoiler alert: I am not moving furniture again in the living room until I leave this house.

092313084359The boys Rikk and Rich (how cool are their names?) got right to it with ripping up the floor in the house. Remember this lovely close up of the subfloor?  I was on house arrest in my room for most of the day, only to gently tip toe to the kitchen to get a glass of water once in a while.  I couldn’t really eat since all my furniture was piled up in front of the cooking appliances.  I lost 2 pounds that day.  Best diet idea ever!


Couchy says no nom noms for you!

Every now and then I popped my head out to check up on the progress, and I was giddy as a schoolgirl.  First off, the smell of the newly cut laminate was awesome.  It smelled like roasted marshmallows…no idea why.  The color of the floor was also just gorgeous.

092313105341Here it is going down in the hallway.  Now that the floors are down, I am more motivated than ever to give the most under-appreciated room in the house a little makeover.  That will have to be saved for another day, though.

092313105351The entire job took from 8 AM to about 5 PM on Monday with them working nonstop.  The process was rip up carpet, clean floors, install underlayment, install flooring, install transition strips, and then finally install quarter round.  Watching them work made me a little more confident in taking on a project like this on my own, however, having professionals do it for me ensured perfection in the workmanship and final product.

001And I am in love.  They feel so nice under my feet in the morning when I wake up.  I also love the smell of them.  But man, they look absolutely beautiful.

004The floors also make the room look much larger than the carpet did.  Big bonus, I can now put down an area rug.  Yes, I already bought one.  Yes, I am stoked to share it with you all.  But again, spoilers…

007Maddie (pictured here under the table) doesn’t know what to think yet about the floors.  She is more upset than anything that her scratching space has been cut in half.  I think I might have to make her a kitty pillow or something for the living room so she has somewhere to lie down.  And I am glad I got laminate.  She tears through the house to get to her food in the morning and I can hear her sliding across the floor.  It’s hilarious and the floors are so durable, it is virtually impossible for her to scratch them up.

008The hallway is done as well and offers a great transition to the rest of the house.  I have been living here for four years and have done absolutely nothing with the hallway since it’s so short.  But now that the rest of the house is getting the grownup VIP treatment, I do believe the hallway at least deserves a new coat of paint and a light fixture.

The budget for this project was $1500 but I actually came in under that with materials and labor costing just south of $1400.  It’s hard to imagine how much my little house has changed since day one.  It’s growing up so fast!

So that’s where I am currently. One week in and the floors are holding up great.  I am going through a HUGE nesting phase right now so expect more blog posts.  I blame it on the weather making me think about cozy things and wanting to stay indoors more often.  And I HAVE made changes in the master bedroom that I will be sharing later this week.

What do you think of the floors?  Leave your comments below.