Love Is All You Need


I met Tim November of 2010 in a karaoke bar.  Well, that’s the story anyway since he was the KJ and I was attending karaoke for the first time, and in a big way by jumping in on a competition night.  I am pretty sure I was a nameless slightly tipsy kid to him, and he was just the quiet, mysterious guy who ran the show like a rock star. 

2011 was the year of Adele.  Every girl wanted to sing “Rolling in the Deep.”  There was one night that 5 singers sang it, much to the despair of everyone else in the bar.  Up until this point, Tim (known as TRY to the karaoke crowd) and I had never spoken to one another.  That night, I decided to sing “Rolling in the Deep” against his wishes. The night went on, and I still had not been called up to sing.  Being the early-twenties kid I was, I pitched a little bit of a fit and called him out on skipping over me because he hated the song so much.  He actually called me back into the bar and let me sing before I thanked him and left.  He admitted to me later that he hadn’t skipped over me but committed a one-time faux pas and moved me up the list so I could sing before I went home.  He liked hearing me sing, he told me.  He requested we try a duet some time and the Facebook friendship/flirting began. 

Over the next year, our friendship grew during walks in the park and playing hours of 20 Questions.  In a short period of time, we knew each other so well, we just fit.  Of course we had our issues, and for a few months we had to say goodbye to one another.  It sounds a lot more romantic than it really was.  At the time we met, we knew we were good for each other, but we weren’t ready for each other just yet.  But during those months, I missed him everyday. 

I received a text from him on July 4th wishing me a happy holiday.  At first, I seriously thought it was a mistake, that he had sent out a mass text and accidently added me to the list.  I asked for confirmation, and he knew it was me.  And just like that, we picked up exactly where we left off in our friendship.  This time, though, there was nothing holding us back. 

Our song is “I Won’t Give Up” by Jason Mraz.  He played it for me one afternoon during one of our walks.  It followed me around during our time apart.  It is going to be a living testament to how long he fought for me. 

We celebrated our one year anniversary September 3 this year.  The year has been challenging but significantly easier being together than having to be apart and go through the things we have been through this year. 

Yes, our age difference is 13 years.  Our (well at least my) favorite game is “How Old Were You At This Point in History?”  Just to fill you in:  On 9/11, I was sitting in my 8th grade English class and he was just coming home from work to his wife at the time.  I find his age to be exactly what I need since I am 35 in my head.  And I like to think that I keep him in a young mentality.  But he’s my “old man” and I am his “old lady” so it all comes out in the wash. 

As far as wedding bells go, we have only been together for a year.  He proposes to me every day we are together but has not officially popped the question.  I am cool with that for the time being.  As far as he and I are concerned, we have it all planned out.  He handles the proposal and the honeymoon.  I plan the wedding.  Married life?  He cooks, I do the dishes and vice versa.  We tackle the rest of the house cleaning together.  On nights that I have to go to bed early, earplugs and an eye mask are a must since he can’t fall asleep without the television going.  There are more topics we have discussed but those are the biggies so far. 

Who knows what this next year will bring?


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